pop up software

  power-up 19:38 20 Aug 2003

What is the best anti-pop up software around? im using XP, i've used Zerods before but is slows down my broadband conection to the point where its slower than dialup. Any recomendations?

  Stuartli 20:15 20 Aug 2003

Proxomitron is free and highly efficient - it can be found in the downloads or on Disk 2 of PCA's August 2003 issue. It also curtails website pages' advertisements from appearing.

But make sure, if you use it, to follow the instructions implicitly; there may be occasional cases where filling in website form fields is not always possible, so use the Bypass facility temporarily.

  Belatucadrus 21:14 20 Aug 2003

click here Naviscope is worth a look.

  Webmaster 15:07 21 Aug 2003

I haven't used it yet but apparently Google's latest toolbar can block popups.

  Newuser3052 18:38 21 Aug 2003

Am using Googale's toolbar brilliant! Hav'nt had 1 pop up from any site i'v blocked and does not slow connection. Well worth installing

  pj123 22:14 21 Aug 2003

Agree, I am also using Google toolbar,and so far it says 21 blocked. Haven't seen a pop up for ages.

  Dave Bowman 23:15 21 Aug 2003

I used to use 'FreeSurfer', never had a problem with it.
My firewall looks after them now.

click here

  Stuartli 01:02 22 Aug 2003

Stilll can't match Proxomitron...:-)

My son is an IT support specialist and that's what he would recommend no matter what anyone else suggested.

  Europa 12:09 23 Aug 2003

I've been using Naviscope for 2 years now, I've never seen any pop ups all this time. Excellent!

  steve0 12:20 23 Aug 2003

Try using Opera instead of IE6. No pop ups!

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