Poor Mesh Support

  User-CC0C185F-DFA7-425C-A792BF574B42814D 07:46 22 Jul 2008

I took delivery of a new PC from Mesh a couple of weeks ago.

When it was delivered it did not come with the correct screen or blu-ray drive. After a week of trying to get this resolved they agreed to replace the screen but I still have the incorrect blu-ray drive. I found their customer service fairly poor during this time.

With the new screen I started to load my programs, the first of which was Norton 360. It installed fine but I could not launch the main window from the desktop or program list.

I contacted Norton whose support was excellent. They spent about 2 hours on my PC trying to locate the problem which turned out to be a problem with the Vista installation by Mesh. There was no charge for Norton's support.

I was told to go back to Mesh to resolve the issue. I phoned Mesh on an 0870/1 number and was told I had to ring their software support line which was an 090 number costing £1 per minute. I told them that I was not happy about paying £1 per minute to resolve an issue that should be paid for by Mesh. They completely ignored my comment and refused to ring me back on my number.

Needless to say I went through the routine with them and it did not work. I could not afford to keep on a phone call costing £1 per minute so I was left to my own devices. After about another 4 hours trying to resolve the problem I decided to re-install Vista. The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent by me trying to re-build the PC. I think I have finally done this but I found the Mesh support decidedly lacking.

I did send off an email to Mesh support when I was experiencing all these problems but I still have not had a response.

So it appears to me that if you have any problem with a new Mesh PC you will have to pay dearly for the problem to be resolved.

  spuds 08:42 22 Jul 2008

Have you tried Mesh's own forum or PCA contact person Davey [email protected] for help and assistance?.

  spuds 08:45 22 Jul 2008

If you contact Davey, provide your Mesh account and contact details in the email.

  MESH Support 12:56 23 Jul 2008

Hi Torchydl,

Can you please send me your MESH Serial order number to the email address provided to you above. In the meantime I will look in to this for you.



  FatboySlim71 21:48 25 Jul 2008

Looks like it was worthwhile you posting on here, you have got a reply back off of Mesh anyway.

  day2strike 09:49 26 Jul 2008

Years ago mesh support was a local call, but since mesh have go bigger they support side seems to have got worse. And this after mesh promised on bbc watchdog to make their support 100% better.

May be mesh will only learn the hard way when the start loosing customers to their rivals. I've owned 2 mesh pc's, but sadly will not be buying a 3rd. The support sadly it seems may becoming 2nd rate!

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