Poor on-line behaviour

  HondaMan 16:20 13 Sep 2004

After several weeks research, I eventually decided to buy an Acer 2023WLi laptop. I contacted Dabs.com, none in stock, Simply.co.uk, same answer. I contacted other suppliers with the same result. Eventually, on 8th September I ordered from Dabs on a buy now, pay later scheme. I received an invoice but nothing else. I emailed them - no reply. I rang them after eventually finding a number - sorry they are all on line. When asked if I could be put through - no, they are all on line. By now 5 days had gone by and I had not even had the agreement from Dabs to sign. Today I looked at the status of my order - non-existent. Rang again - sorry they are all on line. Told the girl I was cancelling the order and confirmed with email. Then I rang ajp.co.uk. Spoke to a nice sounding girl, Mena. After 5 minutes on the phone I had ordered my laptop. When I asked when I might expect it, thinking she would say a week, no,"It will be with you on Wednesday, Sir".

All other suppliers take note. If a prospective customer cannot talk to you about his/her order they will go elsewhere. It is all very well having an "on-line only" site, but if you cannot be bothered to answer emails I for one, will shop elsewhere.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:23 13 Sep 2004

Don't forget to let us know on Wednesday what happens... :-}

And enjoy your machine...

  oresome 18:33 13 Sep 2004

At least you got an insight of their "customer service" before purchase.

As consumers, our most powerful weapon is to take our business elsewhere. If enough of us do it, only the good companies will survive.

  woodt 01:38 15 Sep 2004

I have always found that you get better service from the smaller companies (not saying that AJP is small but you know what I mean). I have recently ordered a new laptop from Hi-Grade. I haven't received it yet but have been in constant contact with the person who took the order. E-mails which I send are answered within the hour; which I think is great. Have sent e-mails to large companies, e.g. Symantec, and never received a reply; which is a common complaint on this forum.

  spuds 10:51 15 Sep 2004

Some of the problems, are the result of staff training or lack of it. Do you blame the manager of the department responsible or the company.How many times do you phone a company and hear the message, that your call maybe monitored for training purposes. Yet when you speak to some individuals, its evident that they couldn't care less about the customer, when perhaps on another occassion the customer is treated as a provider of wages for the future of that company. Funny old world!.

  HondaMan 14:52 15 Sep 2004

OK. So its 2.00 and its arrived and is working OK. All I have to do now is set up the network.

  Chris the Ancient 20:44 15 Sep 2004

Great news.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Now, who's a happy bunny?

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