Police close fraudulent web sites

  anchor 16:23 04 Dec 2009

click here

If it look too good to be true, it probably is.

Sadly, as the police say, "Many of these 1,200 sites that have been shut down will appear again within a few days."

Caveat emptor.

  rdave13 22:07 04 Dec 2009

Something to ponder with auction sites as well.
Still ebay tries to protect the buyers and supposedly copyright holders.

  morddwyd 08:02 05 Dec 2009

According to the BBC some of them are back up within minutes.

  Forum Editor 08:32 05 Dec 2009

but it will not deter the operators one little bit. They know what will happen, so they register multiple domain names in advance. They'll have their sites online again within minutes, as morddwyd points out.

  tillybaby 09:43 06 Dec 2009

Unfortunately I was an idiot that was caught out with a fraudulent website selling UGG boots. How many times I have said to myself if it's too good to be true it probably is but still I got caught,

Before I placed an order I did or thought I did a thorough research ( Must have been looking in the wrong place) and didn't find anything untowards about the website I ordered from, lo and behold as soon as I had paid I found loads of places that said they were fake so I spent three weeks worrying, eventually I got a tracking number -all in Chinese, the boots did arrive and although the quality wasn't too bad at all - the boots were too small - No good sending them back so I gave them away to a teenager who is abolutely over the moon with them. Last week I visited Manchester and bought myself a genuine pair. Never again!!

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