pocket PCs what can you do?

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:38 03 Aug 2004

hi i was recently looking at some of the hp ipaq pocket pcs particulliarly the 4510.i was wondering what can you actully do on them?.and how do you use the internet on them?.thanks ben.

  ton 21:34 05 Aug 2004

I've got an Ipaq 2210 and wouldn't like to be without it.

I have used it to connect to the internet but I wouldn't recommend it for that - far too restrictive compared to a PC.

So what do I use it for?
I can show people my digital photos (I can take the flash card out of my camera and plug it in my Ipaq).

Have several hours of mp3 music stored to listen to through earphones or through my car radio.

I can convert a dvd to fit on a flashcard if I want a film.

I can have several books on the flash card.

I can store notes, all my addresses and phone numbers.

All my passwords, credit card details etc are stored (encrypted of course).

I have a converter program that will convert currency, length, fluids, etc etc etc. & calculators.

I can record voice notes.

I can translate German and French to Engish.

I can use it to replace any number of remote controls.

I can make and use Word or Excel files.

I can play games of all descriptions (Scrabble is my favourite).

I'm sure I've missed out things but this is mainly what I use mine for.

  terryr48 22:38 05 Aug 2004

I don't think you can use your floppies in them :-)

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:56 05 Aug 2004

thanks ton that described it perfectly the answer i was looking for. but how do you connect to the internet and how fast and how much is it?.thanks alot.ben

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:59 05 Aug 2004

this thread has nothing to do with formating 500 floppies okay?.lol.good to see ya mate

  ton 23:21 05 Aug 2004

You can connect using a mobile phone if the phone has bluetooth.

When I tried it I connected via my PC.

I used the bluetooth wireless connection so was able to connect wirelessly from anywhere in the house.
The speed depends on how you connect.
If it's through a mobile it will be slow dial-up speed. I was connected via my PC's broadband so it was quite fast.

But unless you are on the road and really need to check emails or something, it's not really worth it.

As for price, they are not cheap, you can do a search or look at numerous sites to find the price of the model you are interested in.

  BIG ben strikes 10 08:18 06 Aug 2004

will i be able to do the same features as 2210,with a ipaq 4150?.how do you transfer the dvd and wouldn't you have to buy a memory card for each dvd?.or can you fit more than one?.also what is the software.thanks ever so much.you don't mind me asking all these questions do you?

  ton 15:25 06 Aug 2004

Lots of info here. click here

The Ipaq 2210 & 2215 are the same.

  ton 15:33 06 Aug 2004

The thing about the Ipaq 2210 (or 2215) is that they can have two flash cards in at the same time.

Compact flash cards are available up to 2gig. or more, but at this size they are expensive. I use 256mb cards which are only £23 at Ebuyer. A full length DVD can fit on this at good quality.

  118-118 Got Your Number 16:13 06 Aug 2004

Hey Ton,

I've got a 2210 as well with 256mb card in it.

How do you get a second card into it - I can't see how you can?

  ton 16:43 06 Aug 2004

The second card is a smaller sized SD card. The slot is next to the Compact flash slot.

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