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  chub_tor 18:22 19 Feb 2013

I have read so many good reports about Plusnet so I thought that now my contract with BT had come to an end I would like to try them as my new ISP. Initial response was excellent, a fast response to my enquiry, a good offer for unlimited downloads, anytime calls and 3 months free so I paid my line rental in advance and called BT for a MAC code.

Armed with that I called Plusnet back on their 0800 phone line and waited and waited listening to music for 15 minutes and while waiting I checked on their webpage the Customer Support stats. 20+ people in the queue longest wait time 7 minutes. "Something wrong," I thought as I've been waiting for 15 minutes. Try again, redialled and this time waited over 18 minutes before giving up; Customer Support website now showing 35 waiting with longest wait time now 11 minutes.

Decided to stay with BT so used the Plusnet Help Assistant to send a message asking for my money back (average response time target 24 hours). No response after 48 hours so wrote a letter to their Head Office and after 96 hours I have just had a Message Reply asking about an invoice.

Has anyone else had this poor service from PlusNet or did I just pick a bad time to try and join?

  BJN 19:41 19 Feb 2013

For best support and quick replies its best to go to Plusnet community forum as they have staff monitoring the forums and give good support on weekdays often late into the evening. The staff seem to be veru knowledgeable ans senior staff appearing from the quick results and support/feedbackthey give.

  alanrwood 19:41 19 Feb 2013

Been with the now for a year and found them to be excellent in maintaining service and support was always great.

  chub_tor 20:19 19 Feb 2013

BJN I didn't try the Community Forum, I had received such a swift response to my initial sign up questions that I assumed I would get through just as quickly again. But it seems that there is a different response for Sales enquiries than for existing customer support.

alanrwood It's good to know that you find their support is excellent, have you tried calling them between 10.00am and 3.00pm? I could never get through when the accounts people were in.

However in the past 30minutes I have received an email apologising for the poor service and advising that my refund will be with me shortly. I might look at them again in 12 month's time when my new BT contract expires.

  alanrwood 20:57 19 Feb 2013

To be honest I have only needed to call them twice, one tech, one accounts. I called tech during the day and accounts in the evening.

  spuds 09:45 20 Feb 2013

This seems to be a universal problem, that sales respond within minutes or seconds, and customer support can be anything from extremely poor to fair, and this might be an indicator as to the company on the whole.

Why I cannot understand is that BT and Plusnet are owned by the same company (BT), yet offer different service and provisions.

With my own ISP, I have had many problems over the years, with the last outcome of dealing direct with the CEO office for assistance. Often considered a change, but in the end it as always come down to the 'devil you know- than the devil you don't'.

  alanrwood 09:58 20 Feb 2013

I have two separate ISPs on two separate lines. One is Plusnet as above which I have had for a year now as above. The other is Namesco which I have had for around 8 years now. I have to say that I can count the number of times I have called them on one hand for problems. The service has been fabulous. The only reason I considered changing last year to Plusnet was the cost but after agreeing to put Plusnet on my main line with my anytime phone calls I decided to leave the Namesco up and running in case I had any problems with an "unknown" Plusnet. The only problem with Namesco at the moment is that they are a little expensive for new customers but as an existing customer I now pay £14.40 for an up to 8Mb connection with a 60GB download limit. (They have never charged me if I have gone over by a small amount). I would also stick with Namesco if they did phone calls as well but they only do broadband.

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