Plusnet sort of semi broadband. Anyone tried it???

  pickle factory 19:44 08 Jun 2004

I can't justify the cost of full broadband for the amount of time I spend on the net. I am looking at trying the 14.99 supposed 10x faster than dial up broadbandish from Plusnet. Anyone out there got it. Any good? Any other recommends for that kind of dough? Cheers in advance.

  spuds 22:29 08 Jun 2004

10x is broadband,and at £14.99 it is cheaper than Tiscali 3x ADSL service.

  tin-tin 08:59 09 Jun 2004

Service looks good but does anyone know how to monitor the amount of data that is being downloaded over say a monthly period.

  pickle factory 09:48 09 Jun 2004

I checked it out on adslguide and it seems to compare pretty well with the other top isp's with regard to service, speed, reliability etc. It's always nice, though, to get a personal recommendation if possible. Why hasn't any of you got it??? I don't want to be the first!!!!!

  TomJerry 13:09 09 Jun 2004

You got full speed 512k which is normall BB speed, but you also have download limit of 1GB a month, enough for most people. £14.99 is cheaper than other offers, but the initial cost is expensive than others.

I am use plusnet nearly a year now, very satisfied with them.

Price wise, you could try metronet's pay as you go BB click here, initial cost about the same, monly cost £11.75 if you stay under 200MB a month limit, it will be £16.45 for 1Gb, Many people her use Metronet as well, but I link plusnet.

It may work out cheaper with Wanadoo/Freeserve's £17.99 a month (2GB), but with free modem and here

Another possibility is E7even, £200 will buy you a year's unCapped service click here, free connection but no modem

  pickle factory 14:08 09 Jun 2004

1Gb download limit? Is that actually downloading files? I mainly browse with occasional downloads but I was intending to start downloading some music files once I have BB connected. I have no idea how much memory that would use? 1Gb sounds like quite a bit. I'll check out your other suggestions. Thanks for the advice. Modem is no issue for me I have a PCI ready to go in.

  TomJerry 14:18 09 Jun 2004

When you browse a web site, you are actually "download" content of website on a temp directory of your hard drive and then view/read from there. Once you got BB, you intend to download a lot of things even they are rubbish.

  pickle factory 14:42 09 Jun 2004

I can't visualise what 1Gb equates to. Is that generous or not? Is there a way I can gauge how much browsing can be done with it?

  TomJerry 15:06 09 Jun 2004

All depend on the content of web sites you are visting. Grahics is big, but text is small. 1Gb a month is about 33Mb a day, I believe that it is enough for most people, you could install some kind of download meter sort of program actually measure it up how much you are downloading your self. As an indication, WinXP service pack 1a full download is 127MB, full XP SP2 will be over 200 MB. But you do not download that sort of thing very often, do you?

  TBH1 15:57 09 Jun 2004

go here click here

then click on the 'what does 2gb mean' thingy and it will give approximate things you can do with 2gb - - just halve it for 1gb.

  Wrong 17:25 09 Jun 2004

Ive just swapped to Plusnet 2mb home adsl which is unlimited

Under "My account" on plusnet webby they have a bandwidth monitor so u can check what you have used in realtime

Also think its about £1.50 per extra gb over the £14.99 if you do go over

I would advise the 3gb @ £ 17.99 if going for music try this can add Gb to monthly price

click here

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