Plusnet as an ISP?

  anskyber 12:22 18 Feb 2008

Has anyone here any experience with Plusnet as an ISP? I'm particularly interested in their customer care.

I currently use Zen and in my view they are as good as it gets. The dilemma is I pay £25 pm for 20Gigs of download but I only use about 6Gigs. The next layer down with Zen is 2Gigs.

Plusnet do 8Gigs, perfect for me at £15pm. So the question I am asking myself is does the excellent service from Zen justify £10 pm for peace of mind?

Any comments, I have read reviews on other sites so I am interested in personal experience here.

  Rigga 14:13 18 Feb 2008

Have used them for around 4 years and have always found their service good. I have not had many problems, but when I have had the odd problem it's been sorted quickly.

They did go through a bad patch a while ago regarding email, but it never hit me.

I have recommended them to others, and they have also had good service.

Going on what I've heard, ZEN are supposed to be about the best. But as I've had no real problems so have never considered changing from PN.


P.S. if you do go with PN use my Id as a referrer RCCLTD. Cheers.

  Taff™ 14:18 18 Feb 2008

I know several people with PlusNet and have recommended them to others as I still do. They were bought out by BT a year ago and continue to receive awards for their excellent service. Have a look at their history click here which is a very accurate background article. I would recommend you look at their combined telephone/line rental and BB packages. For your current £25 a month you get 8Gb BB allowance, Line Rental and free Evening & Weekend calls click here

If I ever fall out with Pipex whom I have been with since dial up days, I would switch to PlusNet. At the moment my legacy package is slightly more competitive than their current packages. By the way I don`t recommend them for their very generous "referral scheme" but they are currently offering upto £45 depending on the package taken. Customer service is excellent too.

If you can`t find anyone else to recommend you drop me a PM - I know someone who will and make a donation to charity on your behalf!

  rickf 16:20 18 Feb 2008

Have been with them for 5 yrs and so far very good and consistent.

  anskyber 19:45 18 Feb 2008

Thank you all for the helpful feedback.

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