Plusnet - Any Comments?

  JayDay 16:59 28 Aug 2004

I am with Virgin and very happy, but at £24.99 a month I think I can get a cheaper deal.

I average about 2.2Gb usage a month and see that Plusnet will give me 20x speed and 3GB a month limit for £18.49. Seems a good deal.

Anyone like to comment on their experience with Plusnet?

  Hunte® 18:31 28 Aug 2004

I'm currently with Plusnet (wel one of the visps - force9) and have no problems. In fact I am considering upgrading to 1Mb soon, although on the unlimited package at £29.99pm for 1Mb.

  JayDay 18:35 28 Aug 2004

I have also seen the Force9 website. It seems to be the same company. Do you know what the differnce between them is?

  Waldoc85 20:27 28 Aug 2004

Plusnet are noted for customer service and support. I would suggest a browse through the forums on their site, click here.

  flubberjack 21:53 28 Aug 2004

PlusNet PLC have three VISPS - click here , click here, click here - same network, same support people, same products - only difference is the name :-)

Read their company history on their site for mroe info...

  smokingbeagle 10:19 29 Aug 2004

I tried to sign up with them. No action after two weeks. Trouble is that you can see, thru their ticket system, how bad they can be. Reading messages between departments asking the other to initiate action was surreal. They do have a good reputation but in this instance atleast they were dire. Things will go wrong from time to time but you would expect timely corrective action. I signed up with Eclipse.

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