Plug and Play plus Drivers.

  spuds 14:03 16 Aug 2003

We see all those adverts about Plug and Play devices and equipment.You just plug it in and the machine is ready to start Playing. But is it!. How many times have you tried this, only to find that you have a system failure of some sort, or your machine doesn't reconize the new device. With the end results, that you have to seek expert help.

The same thing could apply to some of the drivers, supplied with your latest product.

Having had problems, I wondered what other peoples experiences were.

  [DELETED] 17:12 16 Aug 2003

Nothings perfect but Plug and Pray has improved in leaps and bounds since its early days.... and its way simpler than having to configure it all manually.

  powerless 19:06 16 Aug 2003

P p works for me.

  [DELETED] 19:09 16 Aug 2003

Don't forget it also depends on the o/s you're using. Some p&p will quite happily use MS drivers. others require the installation of provided drivers, or even downloading them.

  [DELETED] 09:27 17 Aug 2003

On Friday i bought and installed three Belkin Wireless network USB adapters, which when installed promptly clashed with my Alcatel modem and crashed my main PC. While i was waiting for Drive Image (thank you God!) to restore my PC to functionality, I telephoned an extremely helpful chap @ Belkin UK, who emailed me the updated Drivers. Six hours later my peer to peer network now works a dream on two XP and one Me machine, all for just over £100 from PC World!

  [DELETED] 09:35 17 Aug 2003

The early versions (i.e. older systems) of Plug 'n' Play used to be called Plug 'n' Pray.

More up to date versions are much improved but if your O/S doesn't recognise the item that is plugged, it is unfair to expect it to play.

Before I install any new bits on my machines, I always check on the manufacturers web site for updated software and use that in preference to anything issued on a disk supplied with the product and I certainly use that in preference to any intrinsic drivers etc already present in the operating sytem.

  [DELETED] 09:29 18 Aug 2003

-pops- - advise is worth remembering. Solved many Plug and Play device problems myself by getting the latest drivers of the manufacturers website before installing.

Had Printers supplied with year old drivers that wouldn't work under Me. Downloaded new drivers - worked first time.

Going out this morning to a client to test this again.

  spuds 19:04 20 Aug 2003


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