Please try to bear in mind

  Forum Editor 00:56 11 Jan 2010

that you'll read adverse comments about all computer suppliers if you go looking for them, and the bigger the supplier the more you're likely to find.

It's a fact of life that computers can go wrong. They are hand-assembled from an array of different and complex components, and there's a potential for problems. The fact is, the vast majority of computers work perfectly from day one, and continue to do so throughout their lives.

Customer service standards can certainly vary, but the chances of you ever having to discuss your purchase with your supplier after delivery are very low - most people never have any contact with the manufacturer's after sales service staff.

You need to make a judgement about this, and obviously you'll do so based on what you feel about your supplier's ability to provide you with a decent product. Other people may report about their personal bad experiences, but when you're weighing the pros and cons remember that you only ever tend to hear from dissatisfied customers in web forums - the people who are perfectly happy don't usually post threads about it.

I hope that whatever you decide to do you're happy with the end result - the chances are hugely in your favour in this respect, no matter which supplier you settle on.

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