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  ryancoutts 00:04 19 Sep 2009

I bought a Packard Bell easy note laptop 2 years ago form PC world which I have had problems with.

I was stupid enough to take a 4 year finance option with them with a monthly payment of £25 over 4 years with a 24% APR, I know I was young and stupid! I was also paying 9.99 per month for tech guys service for any prblems with computer but cancelled it aftre 12 months as thought I spent £120 aprox over the year for nothing. I recently recieved an update on balance remaining and was sitting at £500!

The manufacture warrenty was 18 months where I had problems after 19/20 months and took it to PC world. After a but of thought and and disputes with the shop where purchased I finally got a £20 discount for a fixed price motherboard fault where I payed £200 2 months ago.

Everything was working fine after a long 1 month to be fixed but as I had a big outstanding balance (£500) still to pay, thats why I never got a new one and payed for the repair. I did attempt to inform the finance company of the problem and never found it fair to payout for a manufacture problem after 19 months but I payed it to resolve the problem quicker. However between PC world and finance company and manufacture they kept blaming each other and sending me back to one another so got no where.

A couple of weeks back I got a problems with starting my computer so took the computer back to PC world as the motherboard fix was covered by a 3 month warranty. They took the computer and few days later they called to say it was a faulty hard drive which was causing problems. They then quoted me £70 for new hard drive, £80 for fix and £70 for new vista install on hard drive as new laptops dont come with disks. Ofcourse I never went ahead with this so when picking up laptop they had the cheak to attempt to charge me for diagnosing the problem.

From here I was left with 2 options, bin the computer and take a £500 debt and £200 loss and no laptop or get my tech engineer friend to take a look. Again I forked out another £70 for a non refundable hard drive, where he tried to fix but after he had a look he noticed hard drive to be working fine and it was a common problem with the graphics chip set thats attached to the mother board inside laptop. For example when I load the bios screen theres little lines up and down screen.

I took it back to them today to inform them and after being dealt with an unfriendly and approachable tech guy I was deffered to the manager after some time. As I could see that they were clearly not interested in my problem I had they even tried to lie about the warrenty and claimed it was 3 months form the date computer is brought to store and not return date but I rectified this by pointing out the small print on document.

After a long hour they finally decided to run another test next week for hard drive problems. They have said even though its clear there is a grphoc chip error they cant do anything unles sthe hard drive is running with no errors and if so will need to pay the previous prices quotes. But the claw is even though I now have a new one they will only fit one I buy over priced from them.

Thanks for your time, hope you will manage to share with me any experiences and opinions you may have regarding my problem and any suggestions to any legal action I am able to take.



  Forum Editor 08:42 19 Sep 2009

from the Helproom.

  Forum Editor 08:57 19 Sep 2009

If you paid for a new motherboard, and it has developed a fault within three months PC World is liable to you for a replacement or a repair. Put the warranty situation to one side for the moment, and tell PC World that you are claiming a replacement as the original board was not fit for purpose under the terms of the sale of goods act.

The situation is made slightly more complex by the fact that the fault was diagnosed as having a different cause by PC World - they say it was a hard drive issue, although they now appear to accept that there's a graphic chip problem. It's easy enough to check a hard drive for errors, and your friend has apparently done that.

If the motherboard is faulty you don't have to pay PC World anything - they must replace it at their expense. Tell them that you have consulted PC Advisor, and tell them what we've said. Do not pay them for any tests - that must be done at their expense as well.

  tigertop2 10:07 19 Sep 2009

Don't PC World ever learn?. Apart from one other notorious vendor often referred to on these forums PC World seem to be the market leaders most intent on sales suicide. They spend so much on advertising yet don't seem to understand that every complaint which is not fairly dealt with in the eyes of the customer can completely cancel out the adverts tenfold. I know they sell a lot of stuff but surely someone at the top should be tackling this disaster area.

Good luck Ryancoutts!

  ryancoutts 14:54 19 Sep 2009

Thanks for you response so far!!

PC world have also claimed that if I or any expert removes the hard drive from the laptop the warrenty will be void for replacing the motherboard. Is this true?

Many thanks


  PalaeoBill 18:05 19 Sep 2009

There are manufacturers such as Apple that specifically note in their warranty documents that removal of an internal hard drive from a laptop will void the warranty. A sticker is placed over the access screw so that they can tell if you have removed it.
My Dell and Sony laptops have no such stipulations or stickers and most manufacturers consider hard drives as user serviceable parts.
If there were no warning stickers on your laptop and the paperwork from PC World does not make it clear (small print doesn't count, it must make it clear) then I would demand they honour the warranty and threaten legal action if they refuse.

  spuds 20:41 19 Sep 2009

Not wanting to disagree on what the FE as already stated (but putting that a side for a moment), the other evening there was on the BBC Watchdog program, a number of complaints about the Sony Playstation, and how Sony was charging £120 for a possible repair/fix. This repair/fix was only guaranteed for 3 months by Sony, and some people were being forced to have further repairs/fixes for another £120 on each further fix/repair. I think that in nearly all the faults found, it was due to a motherboard problem.

Watchdog undertook a number of repairs, both in the studio and at an outside venue, and within 5 minutes, they could get the machines working again,without loss of previous data, and without replacement parts.

The 3 month guarantee (after repairs) as come up on many occasions,both elsewhere and in this forum, and especially if refurbished parts are used (as per contractual terms and conditions). Its now beginning to make me wonder if Trading Standards or the Office of Fair Trading have become involved with this issue, regarding these type of repairs or fixes and the guarantees that are being offered!.

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