please help me decide

  no1ghoul 16:57 27 Jul 2003

over the course of the last two weeks i have been searching the internet have posted at numerous forums and spent huge amounts of time bashing my head in frustration.
The reason for this??? I want to buy myself a new pc something in the £1000-£1500 sort of bracket, a simple enough task it would seem but for evry pc i find that suits what i want (i'm an avid gamer) there seems to be a whole load of complaints from individuals within forums like rommulus and the like or even more sinister nothing at all about the manufacturer or pc in the case of special reserves maxx4dv range (even within their own forums).
My question then is can any1 actually recomend some one, instead of all negative comments lets have some good experiences and help me decide who to trust my money with.
All replies will be gratefully received and probably acted upon as i know that you guys know what you are on about :-)

  bremner 17:33 27 Jul 2003

For every one person who complains about Evesham , Mesh, Dell Multivison etc there are hundereds of satisfied customers.

Find the machine with the spec you want at the price that is right and go for it.

You may be one of the 0.1% who have problems but you may also be run over by a bus tomorrow, but that doesn't stop you leaving the house.

  Rebanut 17:39 27 Jul 2003

Well I have been in the same situation but on a smaller budget, over the last 3 months I have read 3 pc mags every month and of course sort advice on here, then I went into nearby Cambridge and went into an Evesham store and asked a few questions and got some good answers, so I placed an order there and then and got a very good deal with very good back up, I would advise you at least give Evesham a try as well as the other main contenders.

  no1ghoul 17:51 27 Jul 2003

Great answer bremner you maybe right but i have been down that road before and got stung before through staples and their scott machines a real nightmare i can tell you. So i was hoping to avoid similar problems this time round.
Evesham do look a good bet rebanut but their machines dont have the specs of say the multivision range and are a good deal more expensive so i guess i'm now asking does more expensive mean better service if so maybe the evesham is what i'm looking for in any case thanks for your comments guys much appreciated

  Stuartli 18:02 27 Jul 2003

You can't get cheap prices AND top after sales service - the two are just not compatible, especially in such a highly competitive field.

You get what you pay for as in any walk of life.

  ray27 18:03 27 Jul 2003

I chose Mesh in Feb of this year and apart from the fact that I have had a lot of problems I would recomend them for the value you get .

The machine is an Elite 2.8 pentium 4 and I am plesed with it to some respect .

It's only the poor quality of support that I would warn you about.

It appears to be working OK and I would not have had the problems that I have had if they had spent a little more time diagnosing the fault when I called them 2 days after delivery(check out the ConsumerWatch for my post)

Anyway perhaps I was just unlucky and got that one doddgy one that comes up every now and again

  TechMad 18:05 27 Jul 2003

Generally in this forum, Novatech seems to be positively thought of for components. However no one seems to have bought a machine from them. I have use a novatech machine when I was at school, which seems to stand strong against what ever you throw at it. Beware though an Operating system (i.e. Windows) isn't supplied as standard, and sometimes a monitor isn't included.

Their site is click here

  no1ghoul 18:14 27 Jul 2003

I understand why you say that stuartli but when a company brags about their waranty packages and then completely ignores you after the sales no matter what the price i think that that is unacceptable.
It may be cheaper but if it says for instance 3 years on site warranty thats what you should get not some lame excuses over the phone about how its the softwares fault ect ect.....
that is why ive posted this question to begin with too many companies take your money then completely forget about you, i want to know about the ones that dont

  no1ghoul 18:28 27 Jul 2003

Thanks techmad the link you gave was very usefull particularly liked how easy it is to build your own machine from scratch magic.
Can seriously see me spending money there unless any1 has got any better ideas???
once again thanks all for your comments and help has been informative and of great use to me

  rickf 18:49 27 Jul 2003

I bought one from Novatech a year ago, a AMDXP 2000+ for my son and it arrived as promised and up and running in a jiffy. No probs with the comp at all. I got the option for win xp home to be included, cheaper than buying separately. Only recovery disc supplied. Generally, this is a good co.

  Djohn 18:50 27 Jul 2003

Read the reviews in PCA and other magazines as well. This will give you an idea as to what spec./quality you can find within your price range. Also find a "Good" small local builder/supplier that can supply you with the PC and service you require.

Contrary to what you may hear PCA and other magazines do not give favourable reviews to only those that spend vast amounts of money advertising with them. They give an honest opinion on the machine they are supplied with.

Choose the best specification you can afford, if you are unfortunate to receive one that is faulty, then approach the company in the correct manner and it will be put right for you 99 times out of 100 immediately.

Example: my TV developed a slight fault only three days ago, 15 months old and out of the 12 month warranty. I could have stormed into my local shop ranting/raving and informing them that their shop, the model of TV and manufacturer where all to blame.

Instead I explained the problem and asked if they would be kind enough to help in any way that they could. Engineer called round the following morning, tried a couple of adjustments, then said I will take it back to workshop, if I cannot cure the fault we will supply you with a new one. Left me a loan TV until the problem is sorted.

Good luck with your choice of PC, I'm sure it will bring you many hours of pleasure, remember, if it does go wrong. First rule is to get the supplier on your side, make them feel that to help you is a pleasure, works wonders. Trust me. j.

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