PLEASE DONT BUY ASUS. Get me a solution

  Mohamed Sheriff 13:09 11 Dec 2015

I bought ASUS product desktop PC G20AJ on 17 september 2015 and it worked for 20 days and i did not get a display to my monitor. And my monitor was working fine. I called the customer support and spoke to them and they asked me to send my PC for repair. They took 2 week to collect my Pc from my place on November. Then they repaired my Pc for 30days and i received it on November. And from the moment i received my PC it was not working again. I received a letter along with my PC informing that my Pc has undergone so many tests and the motherboard and grpahic card of my PC is changed. But my Pc was totally dead with several scratches made by the service team. Again i called the Asus support and they took another two weeks to send arrange another repair. and still now my product is with them. And i called them today they say that their engineers has to reply for the repair and when i asked them to reply, they question me "Do you think our engineers do have any other work to do ?" is this how a standard company reply to its customers ?? i am really disappointed with their service. And when i called the repair center (LetmeRepair) directly they say that they are waiting for the reply from ASUS. More than the number of days the the product was with me its with the ASUS repair. And the customer service they are providing is the worst service i have ever experienced in my life.

  spuds 14:25 11 Dec 2015

Did you buy the computer direct from Asus or a retailer, because all you mention is customer support, not saying who?.

  morddwyd 19:49 11 Dec 2015

It does sound more like a tight margins retailer than a major manufacturer.

  Mohamed Sheriff 19:55 11 Dec 2015

i bought it from a retailer. And i complained to the Asus support centre UK. All the above reply i have mentioned above is from the Asus customer support. They speak too rude to customers.

  morddwyd 09:53 12 Dec 2015

Then your complaint is with the retailer, not Asus.

  Forum Editor 11:23 12 Dec 2015

Your contract is with the retailer from whom you bought the computer, and not with Asus.

Under the terms of UK consumer law, the retailer is liable for any faults which appear within six months of the purchase date. You decided to go direct to Asus, which means that the retailer may now refuse to become involved. Nevertheless, you should contact the retailer immediately and explain the problem. Your retailer may have some influence with Asus.

  Mohamed Sheriff 12:02 12 Dec 2015

When i contacted the Asus support for the first time they know that this happened before the 6months of my purchase but they did not inform me anything about the retailers policy. And when i called my retailer they asked me to contact asus.

  spuds 14:11 12 Dec 2015

"And when i called my retailer they asked me to contact asus."

Which is the standard practise with some retailer's, because they possibly do not have the kit or expertise to repair items of this type, and they consider, that the manufacturer is the best option.

But it is not for you to do this, if you so wish, it's for the retailer to cover any problems in the early month, and deal accordingly. If the retailer, told you to go direct to the manufacturer, perhaps insisting that it was not their responsibility, then make sure that you have a record of that,because the retailer might then deny any future responsibility, on hearsay alone.

If you paid by credit card (not debit card or cash) or computer purchase finance, then you might have further options, should things get difficult.

  Forum Editor 15:24 13 Dec 2015

"And when i called my retailer they asked me to contact asus".

The retailer was wrong to do that. As I said earlier, your contract was with the retailer, and not with Asus.

Asus will be responsible for any faults in manufacturing, but legally Asus is not responsible to you - you didn't buy the machine from that company. You bought from the retailer, and the retailer is responsible for remedying the fault. Whether or not the retailer gets the repair done by Asus is irrelevant.

By contacting the manufacturer directly you have effectively surrendered your right to expect satisfaction from the retailer, although it is still worthwhile trying. Go back to the retailer and tell them that their suggestion that you contact Asus has not produced a satisfactory result.

Asus is under no legal obligation to you - a manufacturer's warranty is in addition to your legal rights, and a manufacturer can include or exclude anything it likes. Asus uses a third-party repair company for its warranty work, and that can introduce confusion and delay.

Talk to the retailer.

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