Please can I ask which of these 2 Laptops is best?

  buel 20:05 06 May 2015

Hi. I am trying to decide between two laptops: This one: click here this one: click here are the same price but the first laptop uses an Intel i3 processor and using a CPU benchmark site, below, it scores 2698 whereas the second laptop uses an AMD A8 quad core processor that scores 2966.

My question is, being as I am going to use it for simple AutoCAD use (not really 3D or anything too taxing), would it be fair to say that the AMD is a better choice because of it's higher benchmark score?

Thank you in advance.

And They

  buel 05:07 07 May 2015

Can anyone offer an opinion, please?

  buel 19:19 07 May 2015

Hello. Has anyone got an opinion on the two, please?

  SeiyaIkki 11:48 12 May 2015

I would go for the HP since its processor it's better. You're only working on autocad now but if you want to add any software in the future you're already prepared.

  buel 23:47 12 May 2015

Hi. Thank you but the AMD one actually scored higher?

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