Please advise me. What is he best PC for my needs

  1936 00:09 25 Dec 2004

I need a new PC and having tried Mesh and found their customer service absolutely disgraceful I don’t want one of theirs.

My main use is as follows:
Writing stuff like guide books so I need space for lots of files of facts and text.
Sending and receiving e-mails.
Surfing the web using forums such as this.
Downloading digital photographs but not mucking about with them although I want lots of storage space.
Using a scanner to scan and record old black and white photographs and 35mm colour slides.
I am not using Broadband yet but I will be.
I am very hard of hearing so I am not interested in music.
I have no interest in computer games.
I am paranoid about losing stuff and I am told an extra hard disc would give me peace of mind.
I would like a DVD recorder and a separate DVD player.
I would like a 3.5 bay if that is the correct term.
I would like a flat screen.
Any suggestions would be welcome.

  Forum Editor 00:18 25 Dec 2004

a fairly normal PC 1936, and you'll find such machines available from pretty well any manufacturer or supplier.

  Cook2 02:17 25 Dec 2004

click here and find one within your price range.

For scanning old pictures/slides/35mm you could look at an Epson Perfection 2480 Photo click here around £70-£75.

  961 12:01 25 Dec 2004

Novatech supply good stuff

You do not need to spend more than about £600 to get a computer that will do all you want

Suggest dvd recorder as one optical drive plus second cd drive

I assume you want a dvd player for the tv and any of the well known makes will do at around £40-£60

Suggest getting a separate hard drive for backing up your files connected to the computer via usb2

Buy Microsoft Works with the computer and it should be inexpensive and will contain Word, which is all you need for writing stuff

You do not need a sooper dooper fastest jobbie at £1000. Suggest AMD processor max 3000 but anything over 2500 Barton will do you fine

Although many mail order suppliers will do you for the sort of thing you want you can do worse than PCWorld in the Jan sales. Don't pay for extended warranty. If it is going to go wrong it is likely to happen in the first 6 months. If it survives that it will go on forever

  Starfox 12:31 25 Dec 2004

I can recommend these click here

And this is worth a look click here

  bellej 16:42 28 Dec 2004

I am looking for a laptop that has CD & DVD writer facility, also I still use floppy disks for my work so need that facility.

  Totally-braindead 18:52 28 Dec 2004

bellej start your own thread don't jump into other peoples as you won't be informed when theres a helpful answer.

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