Please advise on good place to buy comp

  me1982 18:01 30 Nov 2006

I am after new comp, budget of around 600-700 quid

I am after dual core intel 1.86ghz processor and 2gb ram

I am not bothered about the rest as I dont play graphic intensed games, so just a half decent graphics card will be fine.

Pls advise if you can.


  Jackcoms 18:48 30 Nov 2006
  me1982 18:55 30 Nov 2006

I know of Dell but always got told there not very good, someone told me recently in recent survey Dell had the worse return to base faults, or something/

  me1982 18:57 30 Nov 2006

Also there dual core comps come with monitors and i dont need a monitor and it doesnt let me take it off.

  Jackcoms 19:01 30 Nov 2006

"someone told me recently in recent survey Dell had the worse return to base faults, or something"


Dell are the largest PC manufacturer in the world - they must be doing something right. They build solid, reliable PCs and laptops.

The one I'm using now is almost 5 years old and has NEVER given me any problems.

Their Customer Service is not the best. But if your PC doesn't go wrong, you won't need Customer Service.

  Jackcoms 19:02 30 Nov 2006

If you don't need a monitor, speak to Dell on the 'phone and haggle.

  me1982 19:07 30 Nov 2006

I'll give Dell a miss and see what other ones people can come up with :)

  me1982 19:15 30 Nov 2006

What are Mesh like?

  terryf 19:18 30 Nov 2006
  tony58 19:32 30 Nov 2006

i go with terryf on this,and there after sales are good .and you get to speak to the owners who are usually at the other end of the phone,the big is best argument when down with the titanic.tony

  Gmac 19:44 30 Nov 2006

Fujitsu siemens scaleo 3604. PC world, £530 without the momitor just under £700 with.

Couldn't find anyone at dell that could understand a scots accent, besides I like to try things before buying and being able to collar someone if i have a problem.

AMD rather than intel, works well.

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