please advise on a good budget phone

  sunnystaines 14:19 28 May 2015

need to be on three all you can eat data. A good battery, and 3g/4g, tethering.

also on a monthly package, but no idea on what phones are poor or good.

we have asamsung s3 now getting to the end of its life its very unreliable so can no longer go on a sim only package. got five weeks to decide.

  Batch 19:23 29 May 2015

Rather than carry a spare you can use one of the "universal" plugin emergency charge units that are widely available.

Non-changeable batteries are the thing now I believe.

  sunnystaines 08:48 30 May 2015

batch never heard of them thanks

  QuizMan 17:01 03 Jun 2015

I have a 1st Gen Moto G plus a sim only contract via Virgin which is fine for my purposes. That costs me £10 pm with unlimited data, but I had to haggle hard for that. In theory I could have used the existing sim, but the Moto G uses a Micro sim and they sent out that smaller version plus an adapter in case I wanted to switch it into a standard sim phone.

  sunnystaines 17:13 19 Aug 2015

Well my galaxy s3 when downhill and bought a motorola G4G best deal was from a three store £129. very pleased even got £50 for the S3.

thanks for the help in recommending motorola

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