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please advise on a good budget phone

  sunnystaines 14:19 28 May 2015

need to be on three all you can eat data. A good battery, and 3g/4g, tethering.

also on a monthly package, but no idea on what phones are poor or good.

we have asamsung s3 now getting to the end of its life its very unreliable so can no longer go on a sim only package. got five weeks to decide.

  sunnystaines 14:21 28 May 2015

no three shops in easy reach, had bad times with duff info from their main phone line to sales so no longer trust phone sales team.

  onthelimit1 14:44 28 May 2015

Have you had a look at the reviews on PC Advisor here?

  Batch 15:14 28 May 2015

Ultimately depends how much (or little) you want to spend vs. function and quality.

Moto G and Moto E have good reputations.

1st Gen Moto G (4.5 inch screen) is being replaced by 2nd Gen (5 inch screen). You can still pick up some really good deals on the 1st Gen 4G if that is good enough for you. I picked up one in a big Tesco's (Sutton) for £89 (even though the website STILL says £139) a couple of months ago. But the website does say you can boost Tesco points (and so, effectively, halve the cost if you've got enough points).

Same model currently available on Amazon for £105.29.

1st Gen comes with Android 4 (KitKat), but the OTA update to Android 5 (Lollipop) is now under way.

The above are SIM Free. Tesco may sell you a Tesco locked one for less (e.g. £95) and I gather can be readily unlocked with a code bought on ebay for a couple of squid - but I've never tried (so not personally recommending).

If you are prepared to splash out only a little more, you could go for the 5 inch 2nd Gen.

Moto E is a slightly "lesser" model. But 2nd Gen probably equivalent-ish to Moto G 1st Gen.

  The Kestrel 20:44 28 May 2015

Agree with Batch. I have had a 1st generation Moto G for about a year now. It automatically upgraded to the latest Android OS, lollipop. I have been really pleased with its performance considering that it is a budget phone.

  sunnystaines 10:18 29 May 2015

thanks will pop into tesco to look at the moto g 4g.

its about £90 with a £20 tesco gift voucher.

with my "three" sim only contract do i tell them of the new phone or just swap over the sim and sd card.

looked at a few reviews many report its sluggish have you had any slowness or problems.

  Batch 12:44 29 May 2015

Just swap over the SIM and sd card. If you go for a 1st Gen Moto G, do make sure it is the 4G model (as the others, as well as not being 4G, do not have a microSD card slot).

BTW, it takes a microSIM (what does your old phone take?). If not the same and the SIM for the old phone does not have the pushout to convert into a microSIM, you will either need to get a SIM cutter (risky) or get Three to send you a replacement SIM to swap over with (AFAIK, all the current SIMs can be converted from standard size into micro or even nano). Not sure what Three's process for handling this sort of situation is. I know GiffGaff SIM swap is very slick process (as I've done it previously with them when I was switching from a phone with old standard size SIM to a phone with microSIM).

Can't say I've found it sluggish (but then I've never had another smart phone to compare it with). I find it is about the same as my Nexus 7 tablet.

  AroundAgain 15:45 29 May 2015

I've just changed from Samsung Gal S3 to Lumia 535, but it's 3G. The 4G cost just a little more. So, it's Win 8, maybe slightly lighter and slightly slimmer but othersise similar size

There are a few features I miss but I do like the phone. Also has dual sim slot and has microcard slot

Seems to work well. I'm not one for lots of games etc downloaded, just a few useful ones and doesn't seem slow/sluggish to me (yet).

I like it and I liked the S3 too.

Just thought I'd add my penny's worth ;)

  sunnystaines 16:42 29 May 2015

thanks just back from tesco, their great offer was for tesco tied phones not sim free, looked elsewhere for the moto g4g 2nd gen and everyone has a fixed price of £150

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 29 May 2015

maybe the 4 E is better click here

  sunnystaines 17:41 29 May 2015

fruitbat thanks cannot understand why tesco did not mention this one at £99 plus 4g speed looks a far better deal.

if its a non removable battery, is there a way to change it or is it soldered in? cannot see any logic in it being non removable as you cannot carry a spare.

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