Southernboy 18:04 19 Sep 2003

OK, all you guys rhapsodising about this firm. After reading your praises I was tempted to give them a try, even though their music stock was rather limited to chart stuff. I did find they had a reasonable selection of Frank Sinatra so I bought a few. So far, so good.

Now, I appear to have a problem with them. I ordered a Star Trek DVD which took rather longer than usual to arrive. When it did, although the Delivery Note mentioned the correct item, enclosed was a Playstation game. I immediately Emailed them but received no reply. I have Emailed them again, but still no reply. This does not instil much confidence and I am now wondering if they have any interest in customer service. I could return it, I suppose, but would they refund the return postage? Indeed, their lack of response makes we wonder if I would even get a replacement or refund.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice, please? I would like to continue dealing with them but my confidence has been shaken.

  sdf 18:10 19 Sep 2003

They would cover the return. they are a good company. Try giving them a buzz, standard office hours. in my experience they've always been friendly and proffesional and quick at sorting out problems. For the moment I'd sugest give them the benefit of the doubt, nobodies perfect

  wags 22:30 19 Sep 2003

As sdf has said is a decent company. Give them a call on 0845 800 1020. I have been using them for quite a while now and have always had very good service.I'm sure you get satisfaction!

  Sir Radfordin 23:25 19 Sep 2003

click here and get in touch in the best way you can. Getting sent the wrong thing doesn't seem to happen very often. Don't think there have been that many complaints against as a whole.

  geezer13 00:19 20 Sep 2003

Play are good, Ive personally spent about £700 with them and have always had good service.

The only negative I would say about them is that their delivery, although free, can take a little longer than other companies.

  BeForU 01:00 20 Sep 2003

delievery might take longer but hey, least its free!! ive used them quite alot and ive had no problems with them as well!

  Rusty Bullet Hole 04:28 20 Sep 2003

got to agree with you guys have always been good to me infact one time after sending them an e-mail asking for an item they called me for more details. Now that blew me away! Top company, great service.

  Southernboy 13:37 22 Sep 2003

Given that their automatic response to Emails states that they aim to respond within 24 hours, I became alarmed after 9 days, especially as it was a basic enquiry.

Being used to Amazon, who always include a returns label with every purchase, I am a little surprised that they expect the customer to write out labels and return by Recorded Delivery. However, I suppose thir prices mean that service is cut to the very basics.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

  tenaka 14:47 22 Sep 2003

Perhaps you just sent them into a state of shock, that they had actually made a mistake.

In my mind, it says a lot about a company that assumes there will be an issue and so sends a returns label (re: amazon).

  Rusty Bullet Hole 19:52 22 Sep 2003


  Southernboy 18:06 01 Oct 2003

haven't had my replacement.

The reason wht Amazon and others enclose a returns label is good customer service. As goods are supplied sealed, a faulty item is always possible. I have had several faulty CDs and DVDs during the last 12 months.

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