Play .com and keeping Debt card detail ?

  Fried~Chips 16:56 03 Sep 2008


Any views on this appreciated.

Want to make a purchase from click here

To use them you have to register fair enough but you also have to provide your credit or debit card details for their records and keeping. Yep they keep your card details on file.

Ok, imagine a few maybe loads of companys do this. But what does not offer is an option to opt out for having your card details saved in their records.

My worry is, is this safe. I called my bank re this and didn't really feel protected apart from if they take my money at a later date they will re-imburse and I would have to claim. Something I could imajine could take months. Think should have a Tick box option to be able to OPT OUT for this saving card details.

You views please, any Bank Managers arround in the forum maybe.

  birdface 17:08 03 Sep 2008

I would imagine most big companies will keep your credit card details in case you use them again.It is a chance you take when you purchase anything from the Internet.

  oresome 17:22 03 Sep 2008

The problem is not with using your card fraudulently. It's crooks accessing their server.

I agree their should be an opt out.

  bobbybowls 17:35 03 Sep 2008

do what i do, have a card only for internet shopping.

  spuds 18:15 03 Sep 2008

Most if not all credit card companies and banks cover you for fraud nowadays, providing the fraud is not self evident, that this was committed or assisted by the card or account holder.

There should be an option to opt-out, but alas is it not always possible.

If you feel insecure about providing details from a regular usage card, then open a credit card account for internet usage only.

  Fried~Chips 18:27 03 Sep 2008

Thanks ├četa, buteman, oresome, bobbybowls & spuds

Having a seperate account/card an idea but keeping a low balance in my account would possibly mean extra banking charges somewhere. would have to look into this.

Giving false card details, bit stupid and possible risk of been prosecuted for providing FALSE infomation. Imagine giving a false card number knowingly and then it happened to be pot look it was a other persons genuine card number.

Thinking about it, I think Amazon & Ebuyer hold card details. Will have to have a look in their.

Any more early evening imput welcome here.

  Fried~Chips 21:47 03 Sep 2008

seems only one person to be happy with having them hold card details. Has anyone else used them and aware they hold their card details

Has anyone had any problems at all?

  Fried~Chips 22:35 03 Sep 2008


  Fried~Chips 22:50 03 Sep 2008

what do you mean by YKYBOTLW ? is is abbreviated for something or you been daft?

  GRIDD 23:02 03 Sep 2008

You Know You've Been On-Line Too Long When.......?

when what?
Used play, amazon and others (well known ones like HMV) quite safely for years letting them store my card details is quite handy. Better they have it than me type it in and transmit it time after time.

  rdave13 23:29 03 Sep 2008

Same here with Amazon, PayPal and Play.Com.
Unfortunately if you forget to update your C.C. details when the old one expires you can be in the caca especially with
I always use credit card not debit although I believe that a Visa debit card with Barclays has the same protection.

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