Plaxo, contact update software.

  wint 06:03 03 Jul 2003

Good morning.

Has anyone come across Plaxo? click here

Any comments?

I ask because a friend has subscribed to them, the site then requested info from me. The website imports your contact info and will then e-mail your selected contact addresses to update your address book.
The service (secure, they say) will allow you to access your contacts from any web browser, could be useful if you travel a lot.

I am wary of giving out any personal stuff.

It looked initially dubious so I searched through the faqs and found the following:

"How do you make money?


Currently, we are 100% focused on making the free personal use version of Plaxo as good as we can make it: listening to feedback, improving the product, adding new features, etc.

We plan to keep the current personal-use version of Plaxo free.
We have no plans to sell, exchange, or share our user's information with anyone. We consider this sacred and recognize that we need to earn your trust.
In the future, we plan to release a business-oriented version of Plaxo Contacts (e.g. "Plaxo -- Business Edition") that we will charge a license fee to companies for. This version of Plaxo Contacts will contain extra features that a business would be interested in.
We intend to keep the current, personal use version of Plaxo Contacts free."

What do you think?

  -pops- 06:40 03 Jul 2003

I can't see the point of Plaxo except to gather information about people whilst purporting to do you a favour of updating you address book - or have I got it wrong? The phrase "We have no plans to - - " is vague and does not inspire confidence in me and suggests that they will do exactly that in the future. Even if it read "We guarantee we will not - - ", I would still be very suspicious.

I never give information like that to anyone, not least some totally unknown organisation, to do with whatever they might want.

If your friend wants information from you then why doesn't he/she ask you personally instead of going through some seemingly dodgy third party?

I'd treat them similarly to their (almost) namesake and tell them to get stuffed.


  -pops- 06:47 04 Jul 2003


  wint 09:32 04 Jul 2003

It's a gimmick isn't it.
I also see that it was started by the Napster crew (not sure if that's good or bad).

Pops, you are correct when you say why not ak personally, much better.

Initially, I liked the idea of being able to access my address book from anywhere - but I already can from my Psion which updates with Outlook anyway.

All the best & thanks for confirming my feelings.


  -pops- 10:19 04 Jul 2003

Napster crew? - bad, very bad. I wouldn't even trust them with my second hand nail clippings.

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