Plasma/LCD/DLP/SED/HDTV what's next?

  chugby 20:39 09 Jan 2005

like everyone else always wanted a plasma TV and noticed they have started to come down in price recently, then saw an article in PCA Jan P14 on new DLP TV's and wondered if this may be the reason. By chance came across articles relating to HDTV (High Definition TV) being introduced by Sky in 2006 which requires a DVI input that apparantly not all Plasma/LCD's have and also that further tv formats being introduced in near future
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Looks like price + future proofing
need to be a consideration.

  TomJerry 21:23 09 Jan 2005

in term of picture quality, plasma is much better than LCD, but the life span is short becuase picture (especially costant picture) will burn on screen permenantly if it is on long time, this is main reason why plasma cannot be use as PC monitor

you can never get anything future proof, if you want, it means technology stop progressing

personally I always buy anythig when I need it and normally buy the model which was the best model last month and just overtook by newer model

  chugby 18:44 10 Jan 2005

thanks for info, do you know what life span plasma screen average?

agree your comments on technology, things do seem to progressing on this side and becoming more affordable.

  chugby 23:24 10 Jan 2005

...a program on Sky Discovery this evening (coincidence?) discussed plasma screens, also mentioned short life span + you can run into problems with picture quality and audio being out of synch. Moral appears to be basically you get what you pay for. thanks alot

  Timmy!! 15:45 11 Jan 2005

Depending on how large you want the screen to be LCD can be better quality than Plasma.

Personally i live by the best quality for size is:

14 - 24 Inch LCD
28 - 36 CRT (classic big fat tv)
36 - 48 Plasma
48+ Projector

CRTs still produce the best quality by far if you buy a decent one (which also costs a lot less) and can live with the room it takes up.

Buy a copy of What Hi-Fi magazine or similar and take a look for yourself on the teles they've reviewed. What Hi-Fi have an extensive past reviews section in every magazine.

Buy from the net but if possible go and check out the tv in a store somewhere if you can to make sure it meets your needs.

Based on a vague average a plasma watched for 3-4 hours per day will last you about 4 years. LCD about 6yrs. Depending on quality.

Personally for me CRT is still the way to go as the flatscreen picture for pound is way to costly. Plus the CRT will last you for 10years so if in 2, 3 or 4 years when its actually worth going flat (when they've finalised a 'best' connector method also) you'll have 2 great tv's!

  Timmy!! 15:59 11 Jan 2005

Also with reference to the HDTV part of your question DVI isn't the only way to get HDTV. It is however the best (well actually a modified type that i can't remember the name of).

Most/some displays capable of Progressive Scan should be capable of showing HDTV. HDTV comes in many 'flavours' which you'll see as things such as 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p etc. 720p is commonly known as Progressive scan. Displays that can show 720p can usually show all the levels below it.

In the US the tv channels all have a different flavour as their standard but still switch qualities between programmes depending on what quality it was filmed in. I'm pretty sure none of then regularly transmit any programme above 720i.

But in the classic Brithish technology style we get stuff late but we'll probably go for the higher levels so everything i just said may be irrelevent. Esp as we're on target to turn of analogue broardcasts by the end of next year anyway.

My advice basically is buy cheap now (CRT) and wait it out.

  chugby 20:04 12 Jan 2005

many thanks for info and advise, interesting reading. Will have a look at What Hi-Fi Mag as recommended.

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