plain 80gsm copy paper -how much do you pay?

  jack 19:42 14 Dec 2004

Needing to top up on the above I had a look around first.
Local stationers 3.25 ream
WHSmith 3.50
Asda 2.79
and Now the good news
Post Office Shop 1.99
Have any one seen it cheaper - Retail shop?

  961 19:51 14 Dec 2004

click here as little as £1.17 if you buy enuf

  jack 19:58 14 Dec 2004

Yup know about Viking and others but the ODD ream in a retail shop- that the ordinary bloke would go into
when shopping- I know people buy it from employers
and some dare I say do a 'stock take'

  Wilham 20:46 14 Dec 2004

Hopefully, I pay not over £2 a ream. Surface quality and whiteness vary,- and have you noticed the variety of places it comes from? My last lot ...Brazil.

  mbp 21:00 14 Dec 2004

Copy,MultiPurpose Premium, Ink Jet, all variations on a theme! Which one do you use for an Ink Jet Printer, or a Laser Printer. or a Color Ink Jet Printer. Does it make any difference? Or is price the only consideration. Will the print out make any difference? Can anyone discuss quality of output and quality of paper?

  oresome 21:49 14 Dec 2004

Cheapest I found on the high street last Saturday was 2 reams for £5 (£2.99 for one)at a discount books outlet.

  It's Me 21:53 14 Dec 2004

I use Vikings' top quality paper as I find that I like the result. I do not like some of the cheap lightweight papers, of which 80gsm largly figure, as I find that the print comes out faint, and the paper looks mucky and creases as soon as you look at it.

I reckon that you get what you pay for as usual, and I don't subscribe to the idea of only buying the cheapest.

  Starfox 01:08 15 Dec 2004

If you must have cheap then 70gsm £1-09 ream at click here bought some Saturday but stock was running low.Problem is a lot of their offers are never repeated.

  €dstowe 06:49 15 Dec 2004

Some cheap papers lose surface fibres when printing and block/spoil the printing jets or innards of both laser and inkjet printers. Just something to be aware of

  jack 14:32 15 Dec 2004

Tested the the 'Post Office' paper today

It is coated[calendared -smooth] one side only
So it is critical which side gets printed on.
The pack is marked with an arrow and it is easily
discovered by touch

The beat up old laser printed OK
The R300 printed a colour picture on the plain paper setting not too bad will perhaps review the picture and the paper settings later.

Finally to day in WHSmith anothervariety of WHS
GP paper -£4.99 - can it be that much better?

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