place to buy a pay as you go sim for nokia n900?

  theDarkness 11:43 14 Mar 2010

can anyone recommend a place to buy a non contract pay as you go sim for the n900? I have the phone but it was given to me by a friend, so no sim was included. thanks

  birdface 12:57 14 Mar 2010

You have to find what provider he was using on the phone and get a sim card to
Not unless it has been opened to any sim card.
Asda Sim is about the cheapest PAYG.

  961 19:08 14 Mar 2010

You should be able to get a sim card for free these days from whichever network the phone is locked to

Log on to that network's web site

If the phone is not locked check to see which network gives best reception in your home and locality

Network reception maps on the various web sites

  robin_x 23:38 14 Mar 2010

Don't many ISPs give a free unlock code these days if the phone is more than 1 yr old?

Try a couple of friends SIMs (from different ISPs) to see if it is locked.

If so, phone cust svcs and ask for an unlock code.
(quote the IMEI number to them)

Some ISPs may ask for silly money to unlock.

My Mum swore by O2. Then switched to Tesco (still uses O2 network)
They gave me an unlock code for her phone free and no quibble.

Came across this the other day. Havent tried it.

click here

  birdface 06:23 15 Mar 2010

I don't think your click here will work on modern phones it worked ok with the old phones but your click here is 4 years old.

  Awshum 09:30 15 Mar 2010

nice phone to be given!

o2 sims are free from click here

Top up £15 per month and get unlimited free calls and texts to other o2 users.

Buy an unlimited web bolt on for £7.50.

Leaves you £7.50 to spend on whatever else you want.

  Awshum 09:35 15 Mar 2010

calls to o2 mobiles are identified by a "free call" announcement before it starts ringing the person you have dialled.

  robin_x 13:16 15 Mar 2010

Thanks Bute, didnt spot that

  dms_05 13:28 15 Mar 2010

Some mobile phones are very difficult to unlock, especially complicated ones. I was given a Nokia N95 on T-Mobile and bought an X-SIM off ebay. This is placed between the SIM and the phone's contacts and effectively unlocks the phone for use by any SIM. I paid under £4 delivered.

Mine also works on HTC TyTN II and T-Mobile MDA Touch (which is VERY difficult to unlock). The X-SIM comes pre-programmed but also supplied an extensive list of additional code for other phones. All my phones unlocked with the default setting click here

  theDarkness 23:31 15 Mar 2010

thaks for all the replies, its a bit of a gadget- feels like more of a mini pc tablet than standard phone with its tiny pop out keyboard, only useful for some quick net if u have tiny fingers, lol. this phone was given by a relative, so more of a present than anything. im not sure if the phone itself needs to be unlocked for an "unlocked sim card for n900" to work- there are a few of these advertised on ebay.

they are around a tenner, so I could try one of those and cross my fingers that it works. i cant see anything on the phone that tells me it will only work with a certain company for sim cards- although even without a sim card i have managed to set it up for some free wifi net with a family BT router in a test. no doubt that probably tells me little about sim compatibility as im assuming as long as i have the wifi key any net service would work with it.


  birdface 23:52 15 Mar 2010

Try any sim card in it from another phone and if it works you know it is already open to use any sim.

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