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  anchor 09:15 21 Apr 2004

As many of us know, Pixmania is based in France. Their prices are some of the lowest available, and their delivery service very efficient. However, it is important to check that the make/model chosen is fully covered by the makers warranty here in the UK, as not all brands are.

I just read this post on the Digital Camera Forum:

"I had a conversation with Fuji UK about my S7000 that I bought from Pixmania recently. I wanted to register my camera as there was no guarantee card in the box, and wanted some advice. They told me that as the camera was sourced from outside of the UK it was not covered by Fuji UK. It has to go back to Pixmania at my expense if it develops a fault, etc".

  arricarry 09:50 21 Apr 2004

That is why Pixmania offer the ZEN option. For a small cost you get the full value of your item as a credit to spend on something else. Not quite a refund, but worth having. Or is it...?

  leo49 10:10 21 Apr 2004

But on the other hand,Pixmania are one of the most efficient and friendliest firms I deal with on the Net, so that certainly wouldn't put me off buying from them again.

Should problems arise I'm the sure the charming Alice Walker of their Customer Care Dept.would capably sort it for me.

  anchor 15:40 21 Apr 2004


I do not dispute the efficient and pleasant way in which Pixmania conduct their business. However, it would interesting to know if Alice would agree to paying the insured carriage charge back to France, for such an item not covered by a UK warranty. The cost of this, I am sure, would be quite significant.

Why not ask, and see what their reply is?.

  Stuartli 16:10 21 Apr 2004

Nomatica, for one, certainly doesn't offer this - only insured via postal service delivery even though it uses TNT to originally deliver goods.

  IClaudio 16:20 21 Apr 2004

service second to none... except the manual was in French, lol.

Canon are sending me an English one.

  leo49 16:28 21 Apr 2004

"Why not ask, and see what their reply is?."

You're the pessimist - you ask them.

IF something I purchased happened to go wrong I'd deal with it at the time on a cost v hassle basis[if the hassle outweighs the cost,then bin it]- I just don't buy things on a "what if" basis and very likely because I expect things to always work,they do.

  Hunte® 16:40 21 Apr 2004

I understood that there was (or is due to be) regulation that forces global companies (eg Fuji) to support and product purchased anywhere else within the EU. Wasn't that supposed to be one of the main benefits of the single market ideal that stopped us getting all those nice duty frees a few years back?

  arricarry 22:46 21 Apr 2004

Pixmania have a shop in the Fulham Road where you can pick up your stuff if you want to, I do not know if they handle returns. Only convenient if you are fairly local.

  Newuser3384 23:49 21 Apr 2004

I decided against Pixmania for a Canon digital camera because not only was the instruction book in french but the mains adaptor was french style as well. Strictly speaking they should supply the UK 3 pin plug version.

Instead I got an excellent deal from Jessops actually, one of those one-off deals that was better than the web and included both uk & continental plug (handy for foreign hols)plus usb cable & card reader plus case plus 64MB flash card etc. As usual it paysto check out all options...

  IClaudio 01:03 22 Apr 2004

and was quite forthcoming about the price of the Canon camera that I had found at Pixmania - and they were quite forthcoming in saying, 'Sorry, we'd love to match it, but we can't'. And their deal offered none of the extras that you got, Newuser.

Sounds like you went on the right day!

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