Modge 12:56 21 Oct 2004

I purchased a kodak , digital camera from Pixamania at a price £50 lower than ANY high street store. delivery was extra at £7 (from Paris). Delivered to my door by courier 2 days after my order. camera was complete instructions in English. 2 year guaruntee, as the camera works perfectly then of course I do not know what will happen if I need a repair.
A pity some othertraders cannot follow Pixamania's customer service.

  Stuartli 13:01 21 Oct 2004

There are plenty of UK online outlets who can match for service etc - LetsGoDigital is one.

If, however, you had discovered a problem with your camera then the returns operation might have proved somewhat frustrating, if my experience with southern France based Nomatica is any guide.

Not something to remember with any great pleasure and one which eventually resulted in Visa, after several weeks, having to refund the cost of the purchase and the £53 courier cost to return what was a faulty camera.

The replacement from Nomatica disappeared into thin air sometime during its journey....

  Stuartli 13:03 21 Oct 2004

The same LetsGoDigital, who were afterwards used to acquire a similar product after the Visa refund, did so for a cost of £650 including delivery - Nomatica's price had been nearly £150 more.

  oresome 19:18 21 Oct 2004

You can of course go into a high street store and talk to knowledgeable staff and handle the cameras. (certainly in the case of Jessops)

You can walk back in a few months later with any issues and get advise. So we're not really comparing like with like.

Customer service is at least 50% post sale.

How did you arrive at your choice of camera without seeing / handling it?

(I'm playing devils advocate)

  Stuartli 10:00 22 Oct 2004

Jessops is also prepared to match UK online prices.

  Tenacious Green 11:14 22 Oct 2004

Jessops, got within 20 quid of Ebuyer for me and I didn't have to pay delivery and in addition if something goes wrong, no mailing issues.

I will point out that Jessops will not match Pixmania prices. Something to do with the Products not always being compatible with English software and often being delivered with French instructions.

However for piece of mind and great customer service its Jessops for me. (And ,no I dont work for them!)

  Stuartli 12:03 22 Oct 2004

I did UK online price...:-)

In fact Jessops is now advertising this benefit.

One further advantage is that you can try, handle and generally find out exactly which digital camera suits you best - you can't do that by ordering a model based just on specification and appearance online.

I note that Toys 'R Us is advertising a Sony 3.2MP 3x zoom model at half-price today - £99.99. That's got to be a pretty good buy.

  Stuartli 12:04 22 Oct 2004

.."I did say UK online prices"..

  Modge 16:14 22 Oct 2004

I was fortunate because a friend had bought a camera from Jessops - a kodak Easy share LS743,
I was impressed with the model and the clarity of the images etc. I checked the web site, saw the price offered by Pixamania and placed the order. maybe I should have paid of visit to Jessops shop and tried for a discounted price-similar to pixamania price.
Maybe next time.......

  Tenacious Green 17:30 22 Oct 2004

Yeah, Sorry Stuartli.

Modge, Get the lowest UK Online price you can, take it in to Jessops and let them do there best. If your after extras aswell, ie batteries,case,etc then barter a little aswell, but don't take the Michael - Good luck

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