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  Aspect Internet Radio 19:39 04 Dec 2003


I have used Pipex since June, and the service has been OK = some problems here and there, but not many.

Since last saturday I have had a lot of problems.
The service keeps dying, the light on my Dg814 router keeps going out. I have not changed anything to do with

wiring or devices inside the house.
The problem happens intermittently. It is not regular, but tends to happen between 6.30pm - 11pm.

Sometimes the routers light goes off when it cant detect any adsl service, and when it comes back on, it

either cannot connect, or goes off again soon after. Sometimes it connects straight away but surfing is slow.

Other times, the service is perfect - but the times of these problems changes all the time.

Pipex have said the usual, unplug other devices, restart router, reset router, check settings - all of which

are ok. The router uses latest firmware - which I have reapplied.

I am adamant that the problem is not inside the house as the problem comes and goes with NO changes at all.

BT said there are no problems on the line.

Pipex say there are no problems, but to phone them. So i did, I spent 20 minutes on the phone listening to

music, then it started ringing again, and then they hung up.

Firstly I would like to inform people of the poor customer service pipex have presented me with so far, and

also I would liek to ask anyone if they have had any problems like this, and if so what was done to fix it?

Also, I received an E-Mail from a different department at pipex informing of BT routine maintenance of my

exchange - which seems too much of a coincidence to me - but I dont know.

My exchange is Buckley, North Wales (01244), if anyone else has had problems, please post it here.


Ian Price

  hzlmick 19:59 04 Dec 2003

we had maint with broadband and pipex but problem only lasted for 2 hours with no connection at all.
Problem with loss of connection was solved for us by BT. Where the cable is secured to the house it had perished with the wire movment. Check if the problem is worse when its windy or raining bad. BT replaced cable in 15min free of charge. No probs since, pipex connection great always there when i need to connect.

  TOPCAT® 20:09 04 Dec 2003

and have had some recent, sporadic broadband speed problems. I've also had an e-mail notification detailing work to be done (by BT) at my exchange. Nothing major, as they say I will lose my connection for just 1 minute in the early hours of the 7th.

Their support website page - click here - currently shows all is well with their services. I would contact Pipex again to test out your connection and insist, politely of course, that it be done.

I can give you their own broadband speed test site address if you mail me. You need your username and password to use it. TC.

  nojs 22:15 04 Dec 2003

try this forum there is some good advice to be had.

click here

  Pappyon 16:10 08 Dec 2003

I don't have a router, but the ordinary Speedtouch 330 external modem. I am disconnected several times a day, and sometimes it won't reconnect without my intervention.

Pipex don't want to know. They want me to plug my system into the main socket to check the connection.

They have blamed everything bar their lousy service!

They have refused to call in BT unless I am prepared to pay them (BT) if they find an internal wiring fault, faulty microfilter or a dodgy extension.

As this means dismantling everything and carrying it downstairs I have resolved to live with the problem.

So much for "Always On" Broadband.

When my year is up I am going back to 56K

Have you tried buying a cheap extension lead? Allows you to try each of the telephone point's... I done this when i had connection problems with zen...

Found out some of my filters where incorrectly set as my mum had placed the sky system back in and so that caused the problem's.

But perhaps also just extension lead would be the easiest!!

  Pappyon 15:42 13 Dec 2003

Pilch from exiled-gamers.co.uk

I am happy to relate that after our phone line went dead and we called BT in, they told me the phone fault was due to an extension phone in the bedroom, (a £9 effort from Tawain or ROC).

Since disconnecting the offending phone, my problems with PIPEX have diminished by a great deal. I am not saying I am not still being disconnected, but it doesn't happen any way near as much as prior to throwing out the dodgy cheap phone.

Then again, maybe it's all a coincidence!

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