PIPEX ... well done

  Mr Beeline 23:00 05 May 2005

ME making a positive post, what ever next!

Signed up with PIPEX broadband last Wednesday and went live yesterday, two days early. Very impressed with the connection stability and speed. Only slightly negative comment that I can think to make, is that the instalation CD is maybe not as "idiot proof" as say supplied by some ISPs (EG. AOL).
IE. a number of things have to be set up by hand. No problem is you have some idea of what you are doing.

Lets hope things stay like this.

  Aspman 16:05 06 May 2005

Pipex were 4 days early turning on my BB. I'm not with them anymore coz I think they are a little dear but the service and reliablility were always very good.

  Stuartli 17:24 07 May 2005

Pipex has been one of the UK's top ISPs since 1991 - it was mainly based on serving businesses both large and small, but has built up a sizable domestic market as well.

I've had its dialup service since 1996 and with no complaints.

  Cybermaxx 11:06 08 May 2005

I wish they would hurry up and get my "free" upgrade to 1MB sorted out (yeah, yeah, BT are doing it blah blah blah...), because 512kb/s for £23 a month is terrible value for money when compared with the competition.

  garrema 13:07 08 May 2005

As this post is refeshed I will add my ten peneth to my 24 quid.
Get a move on Pipex!!! Reliability is good but for an equivalent service now you can pay 16 Quid an it won't be 33% less reliable.

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