Pipex v Plus Net for Broadband?

  humprey28 19:39 27 Jan 2003

Currently with UKstamp who stop their service on 17 Feb so in next week or so looking to go elsewhere. These 2 ISPs seems to have good offers - although read some bad reviews of plus net on their adsl forum. Any advice welcome or alternative ISps. At present seriously thinking about Pipex due to damn fine price with current special offer (about £280 a year all told) and mainly favourable reviews noted. Thanks

  TOPCAT® 20:39 27 Jan 2003

No complaints whatsoever with them now. Their support left something to be desired earlier last year, but is very good now.

And their free offers would certainly clinch it for me right now!

See how they compare on the ADSLguide website.

Select up to six providers, including Pipex of course, and check their performance. TC.

click here

  rickf 21:09 27 Jan 2003

Its definitely Plusnet. Been with them for 9 months. From the beginning support aws very good and service has been consistent throughout.

  grimbler 06:46 28 Jan 2003

yes pipex for best value and generally good service

  MichelleC 09:25 28 Jan 2003

I changed from Pipex to Plus Net. Their support is much better.

Just started the process of going with pipex.

  humprey28 18:16 28 Jan 2003

MIchelleC - could you give me any more details please. It seems to me that if anything goes wrong, the last person the ISPs blame is themselves therefore unusual nee impossible to get a refund. So my thinking is go with plus net (although Pipex offer seems v.good) and if all goes pear shaped at least won't waste whole years money.
Somdor - great if you could let me know how it goes + how did you decide?

  Stuartli 19:44 28 Jan 2003

Pipex has been one of the UK's outstanding business and home ISPs for more than 10 years and has always ensured that it offers the finest services and support.

It did have a hiccup for a short while last year with its broadband offer due entirely to the sheer volume of orders, which meant its support side was unable to cope as it would wish for a period.

However, that is all sorted out now and, as someone who has been with Pipex since 1996, I can vouch for its very professional service.

  Timeforabeer 20:52 28 Jan 2003

Another Pipex vote...I did look at Nildram,but,decided to go for pipex.

  Irishman 23:13 28 Jan 2003

Had problems with Pipex for about a month last year,starting with their first big outage (start of Sep?) when they were very slow, been fine ever since.

  Irishman 23:15 28 Jan 2003

First outage since I joined them.

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