Pipex Troubles

  richardcockbain 21:05 21 Aug 2007

My disappointment with Pipex is a long and sorry tale culminating in me asking for my MAC last week. In the first bit of customer service for a year I received it promptly, along with a suggestion that their door remains ajar should I wish to stay. This is my respeonse to Pipex.


Your door may be ajar but I have no intention of staying with you.

Since December of last year you have been charging me for two contracts on my one telephone line in error, the cause of this error is irrelevant in my decision to leave.

In responding to an email in February you told me that this double deduction would be referred to Accounts to correct.

While casually checking my bank statement in May I was horrified to see the direct debits for nearly £50 were still being deducted. When I called your call centre I was promised that this would be resolved and the money refunded.

In July, I received an automated email saying that you still intended to make a double deduction! Once again I had to call your Customer Service team, who checked with Accounts and assured me that the email was in error and I would now only be required to pay for one contract. Guess what, despite these assurances another £50 disappears from my account in July and your automated email informing me of my August payment tells me you intend to collect this amount yet again.

How can I trust you? You are in breach of the Direct Debit Guarantee. This is my money you are taking, with no apology. Needless to say, the direct debit has now been cancelled to prevent you from raiding my bank account again.

I am owed around £200 by Pipex and I expect this to be refunded with interest in the next 28 days by sending a cheque to my home address. An apology for this ridiculous situation is not obligatory but would be a welcome addition to the refund.

Please note that a copy of this email will be posted onto the forum of the PCAdvisor website and I look forward to your reply, which will be shared with PCAdvisor's many readers."

The lesson here is, don't allow problems to drift. I will let you know how I get on.

  richardcockbain 22:15 23 Aug 2007

Might have helped if I had been given the correct email address when I asked how to make a complaint.

"Thank you for your email

I can confirm that I have passed your email onto my Customer Relations Department who will investigate the situation further.

They currently have a 10 working day response time so I thank you in advance for your patience.

[email protected]

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us."

10 days for a reply... wonder why it needs to take so long?

  Kate B 00:14 24 Aug 2007

Because your problem isn't their only one to deal with, however it might feel to you. Also, if I were a Pipex helpline person and I read your rather snooty email which kicks off by saying you're not staying, I doubt I'd prioritise it.

More practically, have you spoken to your bank? The whole point of direct debits is that you can stop them - talk to them about the double debits.

Finally, I think your peremptory demand for interest, while understandable, isn't going to work, not least because of the tone of your email. So I suspect it will be another item that is almost guaranteed to antagonise Pipex and push your communication to the bottom of the pile. Good manners and a calm tone is absolutely vital in this kind of situation, however angry you are.

  HighTower 14:46 24 Aug 2007

as I'm with Pipex too, and it took six months for them to activate my calls package. It took 6 days for them to start billing me for it mind you. Every time I contacted them asking when it was going live I was told it was just a couple of days off, which just wasn't true.

I'm still with them because if you don't need customer service much and the connection works then its probably not worth the hassle of moving.

However, I think that there is nothing wrong with sending a letter / email which is polite but still leaves them in no two minds that you are not happy.

  richardcockbain 20:00 24 Aug 2007

Interesting that they could set-up the collection of your billing so quickly. I guess the refunds part of the Accounts area is operating to the same service standard as the activation team. Hope I don't have to wait 6 months.

  richardcockbain 12:48 25 Aug 2007

I am frustrated annoyed and leaving (going to Be). Interest is a reasonable request but I probably have more chance of getting a few extra pennies than an apology.

  Kate B 17:18 25 Aug 2007

Did you talk to your bank? They will sort out the direct debit.

  richardcockbain 23:00 25 Aug 2007

I've not spoken to the bank yet .. thanks for the suggestion. Will give Pipex some time to respond before I go and have a chat with the bank.

  numskull 09:41 27 Aug 2007

I am migrating to Sky and Pipex have charged me a cancellation fee simply for requesting a MAC code despite my 12 month contract ending this month.

  Taff™ 17:03 27 Aug 2007

click here I suspect they have been allowed to charge the fee since this came out in May - Challenge Pipex over the issue and ask for evidence that they informed you of the change to their Terms & Conditions.

  Taff™ 17:15 27 Aug 2007

Follow Kate B`s advice.

I would send Pipex and e-mail at customer care and inform them that you are canceling the contract because of the double billing etc and give them contact numbers for them to speak to you. (You must be sure of your ground here and have evidence of not only their double billing but also your communications to make them aware of it) Contact your bank and cancel ONE of the direct debits followed by a letter to the bank clearly drawing their attention to the double billing and requesting a refund of the amounts in question.

One way or the other you will get the money and my guess is that the bank will act swiftly under their Direct Debit Guarantee. You can then argue with Pipex to your hearts content.

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