Pipex and their inclusive phone call deals

  the old man 16:06 01 Apr 2006

I am using Pipex BB on the Lite2000 scheme which gives me 2mbBB with I think 2/3gig download limit per month at £23.49. I have noticed on the website that they are advertising Pipex GO which is 2mb connection with no usage limit. This is available at £17.99 if you take out their phone call option of 3000 mins per month for an extra £4.99. I don't want this deal as I get my calls with Onetel, or now TalkTalk as they have taken over. What I do want is Pipex to provide me with 2mb BB with unlimited usage at £17.99 per month. Just because I don't want to use their phone deal I am being penalised, which is very unfair, as far as I am concerned. I have requested a MAC code as well from them so that I can move ISP. Has anyone got any experience of this new offer from Pipex and can recommend anyone who can give me a better deal than 2mb with 2/3gig limit per month.

  spuds 17:10 01 Apr 2006

These special offers are changing all the time, with most ISP's.

A check via Adslguide click here or Dslzone click here might prove helpful.

  TOPCAT® 18:21 01 Apr 2006

but if you have been with them for over a year then ask again for the MAC number by e-mail. If you're as lucky as I was, you will get an evening phone call from them asking why you want to leave. I told them their price was no longer competitive and they then agreed to upgrade me from 1 to 2MB for £17.99pm. It did mean another year tie-in with them but that didn't worry me as I liked their service. TC.

  Stuartli 13:02 02 Apr 2006

Pipex is one of the best ISPs you can find.

Like TOPCAT®, one of the offspring got an offer of 2MB for £17.99 as Pipex had not upgraded his £23 a month 512kbps service as quickly as expected.

He rang up for a MAC, was asked why he wanted to change and, after providing the explanation, immediately received and accepted the offer.

  anchor 19:19 02 Apr 2006

It seems that they have variable offers depending on the customer.

After complaining, last month I got a 2Mb service, plus 3000 mins/month of free national & local calls, for a total £19.99. Previously I was paying about £23.30/month for a 1Mb service, and no free calls.

  Crash 23:28 02 Apr 2006

I've heard over in the pipex forum on adslguide that the customer service deal at £17.99 for 2mb has a 30gb cap

  the old man 19:06 04 Apr 2006

that would not bother me. Blimey 30 gig should be enough, what my gripe is, is that for 17.99 new users get all discount if they take out the phone plan. what about old customer support. give us the cheap price, so what if they don't recoup costs via the phone scheme. Someone would think they are in it to make money not keep customers happy. lol

  garrema 23:48 04 Apr 2006

I am about to switch for the same deal. ISPs are IMO slow to react to current customers and perhaps expect a lot of churn.
Madasafish looks good to me.

  garrema 23:49 04 Apr 2006

thats "switch from"

  the old man 15:11 06 Apr 2006

Just recieved a call from Pipex customer services and now have 2mb BB with 15gig cap for the monthly amount of £14.99 per month incl. vat. Tral la la. They did in fact originally offer me uncapped at 17.99 at 2mb but as i only use 3gig per month anyway at the moment I thought I wouldn't be greedy. heh well done Pipex.

  the old man 16:40 30 Apr 2006

Just checked my invoices online for the changes mentioned above. Found that invoice for period 21/4/06 to 20/05/06 shows me still being charged at £23.44. Guess who's customer services are going to get an irate phone call in the morning.

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