Pipex Solo

  Annon. 18:54 02 Oct 2004


I am thinking of moving to Pipex Solo 500 (click here) as it offers unlimited bandwidth and is 1.50 cheaper than my current ISP.

Has anyone had any bad experiences with them in the past?



  david.h 19:06 02 Oct 2004

i have pipex 512 unlimited not sure what solo is. but i am impressed with the isp best one i have used. worst was tiscali

  The Kestrel 15:34 03 Oct 2004

I have Pipex Solo 500 Lite (1GB per month) and have been very pleased with it. The equipment was delivered promptly, and installation took less than 20 mins on activation day. Pipex kept me constantly updated with progress beforehand.

I have been running it since June and have only had two occasions where I lost connection due to server error, and these were repaired promptly. I would recommend them to you.

  wags 13:45 04 Oct 2004

I've been with them a year on the unlimited 512 service and can't fault them.

  Sir Radfordin 14:12 04 Oct 2004

Pipex Solo does have a download limit (1GB) as stated. There service is however very good.

  Annon. 15:43 04 Oct 2004

The Download limit is for the Solo 'Lite' service. I was planning to register for the Unimited service.

Thankyou for your opinions I will be moving by the end of this week.

  sdf 17:07 04 Oct 2004

i use 512 unlimited with no complaints about the actual service. I dont think the modem is up to much but as I dont use it anyway it dont matter!

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