Pipex Homecall

  Cryo 22:25 13 Apr 2007

I am considering taking the Homecall package & would welcome any comments that other users may have on the service provided. I'm not interested in streaming or anything of that nature; but am getting a bit fed up with Bt's somewhat draconian approach to it's customers!
I am particularly interested to hear of what sort of service has been experienced when line faults etc occur and have to be dealt with by BT. All comments most welcome, thank you.

  neffits 23:01 13 Apr 2007

I changed from BT to homecall about 9 months ago. I took the package of phone and broadband and it has been fine. I called the tech. dept. to enquire if I could use my BT router with Homecall and the chap there was great, told me what to do and were to get the firmware. The best move I have made and it saves me money as well.

  richie kitch 13:13 14 Apr 2007

I was looking through the posts to get an idea of how to post a bitch about Pipex when I came across this thread . DON'T entertain moving to Pipex. I moved in January and they managed to miss spell my name and address despite me spelling it out to them. I emailed them with the correct spelling of both but they didn't reply to my email. They changed my address but still got it wrong. They didn't send me a modem or any details of how to log on or an email address. After phoning Pipex on an 0870 number, I have an inclusive calls package, line rental as well as broadband, so I was annoyed that I had to pay for those calls, I was able to get on line. The email address they supplied was my name but also miss spelt. To cut this short I wrote to Mark Carberry the director of customer relations but have had no reply. I have now sent a recorded delivery letter to him stating that if my name and address as well as my email address are not spell correctly I will cancel my contract on 30.04.07
I hope this helps, Richie.

  richie kitch 13:17 14 Apr 2007

I should have mad it clear that I sent 1 email made 2 phone calls and sent 3 letters over the period since early January.

  p;3 13:33 14 Apr 2007

another bookmark

  richie kitch 12:01 15 Apr 2007

Further to my previous post: Pipex have sent me a letter with the correct spelling of my name but still the incorrect spelling of my address. They have not acknowledged receipt of any of my attempts to contact them but state that they can cancel my contract as requested. This just goes to prove that their customer service is absolutely appalling. Don't touch Pipex with a bsrge pole!!!!

  Cryo 22:21 20 Apr 2007

Thanks for your input chaps, I think as it is 50/50 for & against I will wait a while to see the outcome of the sale of Pipex. In the meantime will consider other phone/ broadband packages

  White_Elephant 23:17 22 Apr 2007

I moved from Pipex to Zen - much better in terms of line speed and customer support, plus 1 month contract if you get fed up whilst pipex is 12 month. And besides, it really annoyed me that they (Pipex) paid "The Hoff" probably thousands of pounds to attract new customers to broadband max whilst neglecting their existing customers by charging them twice as much as new ones and not upgrading exisiting people quick enough, so I voted with my feet...and BB line.

Also recommend Namesco, just set my brother up on that, very good. Heard about them through someone posting on here, so there you go! :-)

  Markos 06:34 07 May 2007

I saw this thread and thought I would let you know my experiences.

Firstly, do not get Pipex and Pipex Homecall confused. Pipex are a long running ISP and supply broadband. Pipex Homecall is a leg of the Pipex company that sells a phone package with an option for broadband supplied by Tiscali. The common misconception when becoming a Pipex Homecall customer is that you have broadband from Pipex Internet, you do not, it's from Tiscali.

I was tied into the Pipex Homecall service for a year, but went through a lengthy process to leave early due to them blocking any non-www and non-email ports between 5pm and 11pm for me. That is, when I tried to use the internet for anything other than web browsing and email I found it could not connect during those times. It appears to be common practice and for more information you can visit the blog I made, click here

  Taff™ 08:36 07 May 2007

I`ve been with Pipex Broadband for many years and recently signed up for the Pipex Homecall phone package. Between them I now pay £30 with line rental, Anytime phone package (24/7 Free Calls to 01 & 02) and Pipex Broadband. I still get billed as before from Pipex.

Pipex Homecall & Pipex Broadband are currently merging their operations - I cannot see where the Tiscali connection comes in. Have I missed something?

Pipex Customer Support has been a little slower recently than I`ve experienced in the past but this fluctuates with their sales campaigns. No different to many other leading ISP`s. Overall their service over the years has been more than satisfactory.

  setecio 10:03 07 May 2007

and Pipex are currently up for sale with Tiscali showing some interest click here

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