Pipex Broadband/Talk packages

  tonyjon 18:55 14 Sep 2006


I migrated to Pipex on 7th August agreeing to the Max package (free phone calls & unkimited B'band)

The customer support telephone lines have been virtually locked up since then, even if getting on the queue it was quite normal to be informed after some 5 minutes that 'we cannot connect you at this time', however, I struck lucky last evening and actually spoke to a 'Team Leader' who unbelievably 'came clean' regarding their problems

A new computer system is 'not working' and makes it impossible to give connection dates for their Talk packages.

I will not go into detail with all the snags I have had, but it includes an invoice dated 7th August for over £73, the deal was free migration and free broadband for two months, this was referred to a Credit Collection Agency who telephoned me on 28th August querying why I had not paid - PARDON - I do not owe anything and anyway Pipex have a Direct Debit Authority. Team leader said an error had resulted in several "good accounts" being referred - sorry!

Anyway - potential Pipex Talk package customers, be prepared for a fairly long (weeks) wait for your free phone calls. A meeting at Pipex today should (may) have resulted in an action plan, but no promises.

  Mr Beeline 22:15 15 Sep 2006

As a long standing customer of Pipex, I'd have to say that Customer Service in general, is not what it used to be. That's before you take into account their aggressive "traffic shaping / management" policy, which is not really (at all!?) explained in their current terms and Conditions.

A shame really, as otherwise my connection is / has been rock solid. To be honest, I can't really see the point of "up to 8mbps" when Pipex don't let you use it (IE. you get throttled down to as low as 20/25KBps and that's not just P2P stuff).

I shall myself be leaving Pipex once my current 12 month contract is up.

Unluckily I suspect this won't be your last problem.

  Mr Beeline 22:22 15 Sep 2006

O'yes... and if you think phoning them is difficult at times, just try Emailing Customer Service. They don't appear to EVER answer Emails. Well they never answered any of the four I've sent them.

Try checking the Pipex forum at ADSLguide ( click here ). The volume of complaints is certainly a lot higher than it used to be a couple of years ago (by a big margin).

  tonyjon 23:51 15 Sep 2006

They have not yet responded to three Fax communications either!

  bellababy 00:44 16 Sep 2006

So if you think now they are trouble(Pipex)who may I ask will be your next choice? Just interested.

  acfc 09:37 16 Sep 2006


There are providers out there who will give you service.

I was with Pipex and while their connection at the time was fine customer service was rubbish!

I spent time reading up on the ADSL Guide boards and chose Zen.

They are more expensive but I always get a fast response when I call them, there is no traffic shaping (strangling your connection) and having just checked my conection has been solid for 2254 hours which is probably when I last switched off my router.

IMHO you really do get what you pay for!

  bellababy 12:22 16 Sep 2006

Thanks for that, will investigate them, who knows when the time comes to change it could be useful info'.

  tonyjon 12:50 16 Sep 2006

I am not totally knocking them. they have been a rock solid ISP for many years, and at least, when eventually 'connecting' with an employee who was truthful, I was reassured that they are working hard to rectify the Talk package problem, the broadband service has been/is excellent, clocked at 6.65 download this a.m.

  bellababy 13:43 16 Sep 2006

I am I'm my second year with AOL on their Silver service, whilst I am not happy with their customer service which ( for Silver service) is a call centre in India (I guess) for which there is a charge, I fortunately have had very little need of lately.

The speed is OK for my needs, and I'm on a reduced rate since I asked last year for a Migration code. It is possible to get queries answered by a technical rep via their interactive live help on the Internet, not much good if you can't connect!

I note AOL is behind Pipex and Zen on most performances, but over all it meets my needs so I may just stay with them if only for economic reasons. No harm in looking though is there?

  bellababy 13:53 16 Sep 2006

You confuse me a little in your first posting you say.

'I migrated to Pipex on 7th August agreeing to the Max package (free phone calls & unkimited B'band)'

In your last posting you say.

'I am not totally knocking them. they have been a rock solid ISP for many years'

Is there a contradiction here? or are you basing the rock solid opinion on someone else's view?

  tonyjon 16:15 16 Sep 2006

My first posting was mainly to advise anyone with a similar problem with CONTACTING Pipes the reason - A NEW (USELESS) COMPUTER SYSTEM, this only affects 'packages', I was 'migrated' in 4 days, no problem, Talk packages are a different matter, I can live with a basic BT 'phone package until they sort themselves out, I was, in a way, congratulating the 'Team Leader' to whom I spoke on his honesty.

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