Pipex bill me for service I am not yet receiving

  Pappyon 14:21 26 Feb 2003

I have installed my PIPEX software and modem, but can't connect.

An email to Technical Support about this elicited no response.

I received an email this morning from Customer Services, telling me that BT won't be ADSL- enabling my line until 5th March, which is a week from now.

Pipex have very quickly billed me for signing up, extra splitters and THE FIRST MONTH'S RENTAL from 25th February.

Could somebody tell me if they are entitled to charge me for a service I am not yet receiving.

  siouxah1 16:07 26 Feb 2003

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Have you telephoned them? They are usually pretty good.See this


Your PIPEX service and software is supplied fully supported. The support team can be contacted in the following ways:

Email (general / Dial enquiries): [email protected]
Email (ADSL enquiries only): [email protected]
Within UK Telephone:
- Local Rate 0845 077 8324
(0845 077 TECH)
Overseas Telephone: 44 1707 299 509
Fax: 08702 43 44 40
By Post Technical Support Department
4 Falcon Gate, Shire Park
Welwyn Garden City

The support office is open at the following times:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00

Telephone support is only provided for problems with software installation, connection to the Dial-up Network, for example problems with your username and password, and problems sending and receiving email.

regards Brian j

  Pappyon 16:08 26 Feb 2003

I don't know whether it's excitement or senility, but my last post was erroneous apart from the bit about not being able to connect.

My debit card has only been charged the installation fee plus the cost of two extra splitters, which you can buy post free on the internet for less than half the price, but that's my own fault for not shopping around.

I did receive an email this afternoon about not being able to connect, but I can't make head nor tail of it.

Could anybody decipher it please? Viz:

Your activation date is 5th of March of 2003, because your activation date
is a while thats why your getting a flashing adsl light, once your
activation date has passed you should get solid adsl light.

  siouxah1 16:09 26 Feb 2003

Oh Dear!!!!! Ignore my last. Not reading correctly - again.

  blanco 17:52 26 Feb 2003

Their email is to explain that as you have connected the modem it is giving a flashing light because it cannot make a dsl connection. It cannot do this until BT have activated the line to DSL and once it has the modem will recognize the fact and give you the steady light signal to tell you that you can now connect to Pipex.
You may find, however, that you need to disconnect the modem, reconnect and then reboot to get the thing up and running.

  TOPCAT® 21:40 26 Feb 2003

... phone up Pipex billing department and ask them to re-adjust your billing date to start from the date you connect. Ask them to confirm by e-mail when this has been done. TC.

  anchor 15:46 27 Feb 2003

I can understand why Pipex have made this initial charge; that is for the supplied modem and 2 free microfilters.

Until you are connected, which as you say should be on March 5th, you will get this flashing light. This is quite normal. It is posssible, you might connected earlier, (some people have), this will depend on BT, not upon Pipex.

As blanco said, then the light will stop flashing. If you cant immediatly connect, having already set your user ID and password, try blanco`s method. I did not have to do this, but you never know with different computers.

Dont forget for your user name/ID the dialup setting should read something like this

[email protected]

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