Pipex to be acquired by GX Networks

  ajm 11:34 03 Oct 2003
  Stuartli 15:27 03 Oct 2003

I didn't spot your thread on this subject despite a quick perusal and have just started a similar thread - apologies..

Just hope the new owners maintain the same first class standards....:-)

  ajm 16:13 03 Oct 2003

No problem.

I hope that Pipex do continue to do just as well as when they get acquired by GX Networks. I had been with them for a year and was extremely happy with their service and customer care. In that year, i signed up nearly 8 friends / family members to Pipex ADSL, earning myself 8 months of FREE Access.

By the way, i hav emoved to Bulldog 2MB service which they has an offer at £29.00 per month.

  Stuartli 16:23 03 Oct 2003

I've been with Pipex since 1996 and my son, following FreeServe and Tiscali dialup, now uses its broadband service (he hopes standards will be maintained too).

I also use Tiscali but overall, despite a reliable connection and good speeds, its customer relations is abysmal in direct contrast to Pipex.

Incidentally, my Tiscali dialup speed is 49.2kbps and with Pipex 50.7..:-)

  Irishman 17:38 03 Oct 2003

I hope they can do something with the newsgroups.Downloading is sometimes slower with the BB connection than it ever was with dialup.

  anchor 17:40 03 Oct 2003

I would have agreed with ajm and Stuartli until recently.

Sure, my Pipex connection remains good. However, for the last 5 weeks their "free" web space has been such a problem, that to all intents and purposes it is unusable. They have been aware of this since the latter end of August, but appear to have done nothing. On rare occasions all is well, but most of the time the loading of ones own pages is painfully slow. You may say, what do you expect from "free" web space?, my reply is that I expect them to provide what they promised. I have no doubt that the cost of providing such space has been calculated in their monthly rates.

Obviously Pipex staff have been aware that a sell off was imminent, and perhaps a "could`nt care less" attitude has permeated the company.

  ajm 18:01 03 Oct 2003

On the subject of newsgroups, i use a fantasic news server by click here

Its free to register and you have over 30000 newsgroups to go through and its very fast as well.

I used to use Pipex's newsgroups but the chpoice was very limited and was not updated fast.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:32 03 Oct 2003

Poison chalice ;-))))


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