Pipex - Are the lazy, liars or incompetent???

  Martin12 21:31 27 Nov 2007

I have been with Pipex for 3 years and with an 8meg connection speed over the last year with no problems, consistantly achieving 6-7meg.

However recently in the evening and weekends I have been only getting 300/400 KBS, some 5% of the paid for Service.
I have spoken to Pipex Tech Support and they say this is "perfectly acceptable", as the exchange is throttling the Service to distribute the connection speed. They refused to do a line check as this is what"they would expect".
He stated that 300k is accecptable via BT policy on connection speed, is this correct?
Has anyone else having this problem?

  Martin12 22:43 03 Feb 2008

I have 9 months on my contract to run, however If they ar only supplying 5% of there stated service I consider they are in breach of contract, so I will leave.
I look forward to a day in court when they explain that 5% of the aggreed service is acceptable.

  mightfly 11:40 05 Oct 2009

I contacted Pipex/Tiscali customer support today as our broadband speed has deteriorated steadily to less than 400 kbps.

On previous occasions when I have tried, it has taken up to an hour for the phone to be answered. So I was pleasantly surprised to be connected immediately to their Manila call centre.

Their representative was friendly and helpful, but there were the usual hoops to jump through before he would forward the report to an engineer.

Apparently our line was normal and showing no faults etc. However it was interesting to note that when I repeated the speed tests after the call, by a surprising coincidence, the speed was now over 2Mbps.

As other earlier posts have shown, the mere action of contacting them can achieve instant results.

  Stuartli 13:26 05 Oct 2009

Wow, probably the fastest in the world to date...:-)

By the way, I'm with TalkTalk (AOL's parent company in the form of CPW) and get a consistent 6.5Mb to 7.3Mb.

  Stuartli 13:32 05 Oct 2009

From 1991 to well into the current decade, Pipex was probably the outstanding ISP in the UK, in particular for businesses.

I've had an account since 1996 (dial-up) and it was sad to see the company lose its stature - ironically after being with WorldOnline/Tiscali, it was Tiscali who took over Pipex. I moved to TalkTalk three-and-a-half years ago.

Now Tiscali/Pipex is also part of CPW who are, of course, behind TalkTalk.

Never ending circles....:-)

  john bunyan 19:21 05 Oct 2009

I am still with Pipex / Tiscali after about 12 - 15 years, (my former multinational employer used them as Stuartli says). Up to end Aug I was getting about 5 - 6.4 Mb but sometime in Sept it fell to between .3 - 1.1 Mb. I tried all their "hoops" (use of test plug etc) with no improvement. Finally got through on telephone to second line management who agreed there seemed to be a problem on their network in my area and promised to fix it in 48 hours .. hope they do. The hassle of changing ISP's (new e mail etc) is daunting and Pipex have fixed my spam problem very well so I will wait for a bit.

  [email protected] 13:43 06 Oct 2009

that the cnet speed test posted by confab earlier in the thread is not a particularly reliable test to use.

After several tries, it shows my connection as 4-6Mbps, where as using click here, I consistently achieve 17-18Mbps!

  FreeCell 14:12 07 Oct 2009

1549 on Pipex Homecall.

We are at the end of the exchange line so never had 2mb speed, so result is as would be expected. Not sure that changing to another ISP would get me any improvement on speed with existing copper wire technology.

  john bunyan 16:21 09 Oct 2009

I had a speed of about 5 - 6 Mbps with Pipex in August. Sometime in Sept this fell drastically to between 0.48 to 1.95 Mbps. I tried the normal contacts - Customer support etc, and after a number of phone calls went through all the hoops of connecting modem to test socket etc. I keep my PC clean and malaware free in the best traditions of this forum , but they still ask if one is using P2P etc. At last ny case was escalated to "line 2" who agreed the problem was in their network and today I had a call from an ENGLISH Tiscali line 3 guy who explained that there were too many customers using my "pipe" and they would physically upgrade it and provide more bandwdth in 7 - 14 days. I will report back, but I had to really badger them to do anything as they always assume the customer's kit is at fault. I suspect the amalgamation with Tiscali means that too many users are sharing too few "pipes"

  harps1h 23:33 09 Oct 2009

had all those problems with tiscali; degraded speeds, all my fault, their equipment was working ok. barry and sarah from bobmbay were very helpful lol.
thats why i have been with adsl24 for over 2 years

  john bunyan 09:46 10 Oct 2009

I am thinking of changing ISP's (a pain becase of e mail changes). I am on a one month rolling contract with Pipex and will not sign up to anything other than a one month rolling contract,because if the service deteriorates one can be stuck, so was thinking of Zen. Does adsl24 offer this?

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