Pipex - any good

  Martin12 21:02 03 Sep 2005

I have heard varying reports about their 1meg unlimited service at £23-44 per month.
Many other providers offer 2meg for less.
Any comments????

  Charence 21:23 03 Sep 2005

...I've just signed up for 2MB broadband with Plus.net at £14.99 per month with no download limit and a free modem!

I've just switched from V21's broadband which I would not recommend. V21 have pretty good online technical help, but once you're not a new member you no longer get 'benefits'. i.e. Even though the price for 512MB broadband went down a few months ago to £16.99, existing customers still pay £19.99 and would need to pay an extra £10 to pay a lower montly price.

Here's a comparision from ADSLGuide.org of Pipex and PlusNet click here


  LastChip 21:23 03 Sep 2005

Some service providers may be cheaper, but often, they also have a limit on usage.

Make sure you read the small print!

  Stuartli 23:18 03 Sep 2005

Tiscali does 2MB unlimited for £17.99 (states 15GB limit on website), but once signed up you can upgrade free of charge through My Account.

Only restriction is that very heavy download users lay off during certain hours to help provide the expected all round service for light users (see Fair Usage Policy Ts and Cs).

  pipedream 08:19 04 Sep 2005

Pipex 1MB service very good, although I've had the occasional disconnect since being 'upgraded' from 512K which never disconnected. Was tempted by the PlusNet price Charence mentioned and had a look at their website... looks good other than the "priority given to basic use at busy times" (similar to Tiscali mentioned above), and their site goes on to recommend their Broadband Premier service @ £21.99 for heavier users with more than one PC requiring access (my situation). Does anyone have experience of how slow downloads get during these "busy" periods?

  Mcfearty 10:48 04 Sep 2005

Let me tell you about Pipex Customer Service.

When I joined them they refused to acknowledge that they had sent me a faulty modem. The first time I sent it back they said it was perfectly OK after eventually admitting that they had only tested it in an ordinary office PC. This charade went on over a couple of months.

They refused to compensate me for lost broadband service, cost of phone calls to technical support and customer service, and the cost of sending a faulty modem back to them TWICE for replacement.

Time spent on phone calls, emails, snail mail and even writing to the CEO and Managing Director by recorded delivery was a complete waste of time. My local trading Standards Office had to threaten them with court action before they made recompense.

  Giant68 11:39 04 Sep 2005

I've been with Pipex for 2 and a bit years now and have had no problem.


  garrema 11:50 04 Sep 2005

I joined a month before everyone else upgaded the service offers but am stuck with Pipex until new year.
To say that I am stuck, I have not had any problems and while they offered an upgrade for current customers we have to wait in turn i.e. for BT to do the exchange thing or pay 15£. In the end I paid up.
So I am fairly ambivalent to them. Nothings gone wrong but they are not competitive at the "headline level" its in the fine print of other deals you may find some restictions. But then the SPs will all penalise real heavy users anyway.
So they ain't killed me but i will look around in a few months.

  Aspman 13:38 05 Sep 2005

I used them in 2004, no problems, good service and speedy setup but not as cheap as some. I switched to metronet when I moved house and I'm very happy with them.

  byfordr 15:49 05 Sep 2005

Demon 2mb, no caps click here


  harps1h 23:30 05 Sep 2005

i'm with talktalk on a 1mb connection and have been for 10 months now. i never have had any problem and enjoy the free evening and weekend phone calls that come part of the package. my phone bill has never been so low

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