Pipex and 1280 calls

  palinka 13:31 28 Aug 2008

My ISP is Pipex; my phone calls are therefore routed via Pipex unless I dial 1280 before the number I dial.

That's fine; works well; exactly suits my needs.

But BT's web site is now saying that (to paraphrase)" some ISP's who provide this system are not/ will not in the future actually route 1280 calls via BT."

The effect will be that I will not be using BT and therefore will be charged for 1571 and Caller Display - both of which are free to users who make a certain number of calls via BT per month.
BT say that some ISPs have told customers this; but others have not.
I've asked Pipex and their reply is not helpful - either they genuinely misunderstand my qn or they wilfully ignore it.
Has anyone in this Forum found out whether Pipex will or will not be routing 1280 calls via BT - particularly after Sept 16th when BT is making "changes"?

  palinka 10:18 29 Aug 2008

today I phoned Pipex - was told that (in effect) they know nothing about what will happen in the future re.1280 calls.

  anchor 15:39 03 Sep 2008

I too would be interested if you manage to get a definitive answer to this question.

  palinka 17:36 26 Sep 2008

after another round-the-houses email to Pipex which got me nowhere I phoned them today (26th Sept, 10 days after BT warned things might be changing with some ISPs) and asked whether , when I dial 1280 before a call it IS STILL being routed via BT and was told YES, it is.
Later I checked my account at BT on-line and in the "recent calls" section I could see 2 daytime calls made via BT since 16th September - there will have been others, but they will not show individually in "recent calls" because they will be free (evening or weekend). So it looks as though Pipex ARE still routing 1280 calls via BT, which is good news.

  anchor 08:38 27 Sep 2008

palinka; Thank you for posting this clarification.

  spuds 10:12 27 Sep 2008

But for how long!.

It would appear that BT are 'upping' their service lease rates and conditions to some ISP's, and in certain forums (including PCA) questions are being asked as to what's on the horizon!.

  spuds 10:19 27 Sep 2008

Perhaps worth a mention, that Tiscali (owners of Pipex) have started a new round of negotiations with CarPhone Warehouse (Talk Talk) about a possible buy-out by CPW.

At the last round of talks earlier this year, it was stated that Virgin, BT, CPW and another party were all interested in obtaining Tiscali. But those previous negotiations ceased on stalemates!.

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