Pioneer DVR-107 DVD-rw problems?

  grizzly0106 11:12 08 Jul 2004

I recently picked up the Pioneer 8x DVD-rw DVR-107 some weeks back....After much headscratching & frustration I still have not managed to copy any DVD's....It was advertised as the best on the market!!...However I am starting to get the feeling I've been had!
Anybody else had problems with this model??

  -Beb- 11:24 08 Jul 2004

You could try updating the firmware from the pioneer website (sorry im too lazy to find it). What software and media are you using? Cheap or incompatible dvd+/-r media are the main problems

  grizzly0106 11:34 08 Jul 2004

I have tried using Nero6.12 & DVD wizard pro to burn dvd's...the discs I am using are Mirror platinum

  SEASHANTY 12:27 08 Jul 2004

Try another brand of disc. I am having trouble
writing to standalone Panasonic DVD recorder with
panasonic mirror discs. They just will not work.

  g0nvs 19:40 08 Jul 2004

Go with "Ritek GO4" or "Verbatim". These work perfectly with the Pioneer DVD 107.That's what I use & never have a problem. Stay well clear of cheap media, they are more trouble than they are worth.

  961 20:11 08 Jul 2004

try click here for info

should work

however "copy dvd's" raises question as to what you are trying to do?

  grizzly0106 12:40 09 Jul 2004

When i say copy dvd's, I mean doing simple copies of say, programmes which have been copied off TV, backing up stuff which has been lying around on VHS for years...and I havent even been able to copy these!!...
As for the quality of the discs, the 'Mirror' blank discs I have been using, work fine in my mates Panasonic standalone DVD- copier, but I shall try using a different brand such as verbatim before I give up!!
Thanks for the help everyone

  -Beb- 13:46 09 Jul 2004

The mirror discs are the problem. They're the most incompatible discs I've come across (sorry to offend anyone but that's just my experience). I ordered a few different packs of blank dvds to see which ones are better, but as g0nvs said, the ritek and Verbatim should be the best

  SEASHANTY 15:50 09 Jul 2004

Re the Mirror Platinum discs. The first one I tried
in the Panasonic DMRE85 worked fine. The next four discs I tried would not record. Tried on different
programmes. The remainder of the 25 Mirror discs are still on the spindle (that's twenty of them - unused). I have now returned to using Verbatim 2x and 4x which work fine, as also do the pack of 100
Ritek 4x using the G04 dye, which I still have a few of left.

  Rwstill 16:28 09 Jul 2004

I use the Pioneer 107 have not updated the firmware, use Nero 6 and have had no trouble.
The disks I use are datewrite yellow also Packard Bell rewritable.
When you say have'nt copied any dvds, do you mean have not managed to write anything to a dvd yet?


  Stuartli 17:39 09 Jul 2004

Go to click here for all types of articles on anything to do with CD and DVD media, hardware, burning etc.

click here usually has a list on its website of the best media to use with the Pioneer drives.

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