Pinnacle V Nero help please

  freaky 15:44 08 Aug 2005

I bought a new PC in December last year, which came supplied with Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD version 8 SE.

I am not too pleased with it, and the version has limitations. You can pay to upgrade to the next version though.

I have previously been using Nero and found it very good. I am considering purchasing Nero 6 Reloaded. I am not very knowledgeable on this subject, and would appreciate members views on which is the better product.

  961 15:50 08 Aug 2005

I'd go for Nero every time

You can often buy oem full versions for less than a fiver on e-bay

  ade.h 16:25 08 Aug 2005

And from Ebuyer click here

  DerekR 17:44 08 Aug 2005

Nero every time. All pinnacle progs seem to give problems - I had Studio V9, and I dumped it because it did not do what it said on the tin.

Nero seems to be the best answer available to burning "issues".:-)

  €dstowe 19:00 08 Aug 2005

For home DVD burning, I would suggest WinDVD Creator.

It is easy to use and has far more facilities for DVD creation than Nero like special effects, chapters, easy editing. It is also far easier to use, more reliable, quicker and much more friendly than Pinnacle.

  €dstowe 19:01 08 Aug 2005

Forgot the link click here

  Totally-braindead 19:43 08 Aug 2005

I've tried both and for me Nero is the winner but watch out about the different versions, theres a good bit about it in this months PCA (Sept) in the DVD writers section.

  freaky 20:49 08 Aug 2005

Many thanks to all who replied to my post. Most of you have confirmed what I thought....NERO!

Amazon were selling the full version of Nero6 Reloaded for £34.97 excluding postage. I just bought it from PCW for £39.99 so not much difference. The program appears to be very comprehensive, and has a good manual as well. It also included a nice holder for labelling CD's.

I will leave this topic open for a while in case anybody else wishes to add comments.

P.S the article in PCA just now, had not noticed it until you mentioned above...thanks.

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