Pinnacle Studio 9 + HFX Plus 5.5 Upgrade

  andw100 17:32 06 Jul 2004

I've just purchased the Studio 9 & HFX Plus 5.5 upgrade from the Pinnacle website and there seems to be a problem with the installation (several post on the pinnacle userforum). Pinnacle support either don't care or don't know how to resolve the problem. The problem is with HFX Plus upgrade, which doesn't unlock the transistions. Pinnacle support just keep refering to a machine ID thats needed to get a activation key, but this doesn't exist. I (and several others) have sent them screen dumps to prove this, but they are insistant that it's there. They have also stopped communicating, I haven't had a response from my last post to them for three days. Initial contact with them was very quick and I'm wondering if they've washed there hands of the problem. Can anybody help?

  €dstowe 18:49 06 Jul 2004

I have 5.5.2 build 82p installed and it works OK.

The Studio 9 was installed from disc but the HFX was downloaded from the Pinnacle site. When the system was first set up and registered several keys and codes were provided for the add-ons like HFX. Weren't you supplied with these?

  andw100 06:56 07 Jul 2004

A serial number was suplied but no activation keys. Support pointed me (and the others) to the hollywood fx site to obtain an activation key. But to do this you require a machine ID, which is not available in Studio or the HFX editor. Also the serial number needs to be a max of 20 characters, the onw supplied is 25 characters. So it's not possible to obtain a key.

click here

This link goes to the main thread but there are various others on th bulletin board asking the same or similar questions.

  andw100 14:13 07 Jul 2004

Pinnacle have now replied to the forum, albeit with a stern telling off to users for threatening to contact trading standards and magazines, and have said they will look in to the problem. So hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

  €dstowe 14:44 07 Jul 2004

Glad they're sorting it out but I don't think they are in a position to tell people off. Pinnacle, like all businesses, relies on the goodwill of past, present and future customers. If they are telling people off when they complain about an apparently legitimate complaint, they are commiting one of the cardinal acts that leads to going out of business.

Could be the beginnings of a PCA article there.

  daeburndave 20:57 07 Jul 2004

trying to get anywhere with pinnacle has proved extremely difficult (see my problems with studio 9 software bundled with a plextor dvd writer). It must be easier to get answers from the CIA. I eventually managed to get my problems resolved by contacting Jessops HO. After 5 days of trying to resolve a software issue with them i gave up. Should most def be an issue for the mag to take up on all customers' behalf. disatisfied customers equals no more business!

  andw100 17:17 08 Jul 2004

Just had a reply from Pinnacle tech support. They basically re-worded previous statements to try to make it look like they had bothered to do something. I'm starting to wonder if they've even seen the program, let alone know what they're doing. Perhaps an article on them would be a good idea, it could be titled 'Pinnacle upgrades, more chance of winning the lottery than it working properly'.

  CUZY 18:01 08 Jul 2004

just purchased above package and i am getting the same response as andw100 studio works perfectly,
hfx is a big no no i have also lost fx i had i my previous version studio 8. I seem to be getting the same runaround response as everyone else.

  andw100 07:54 10 Jul 2004

Pinnacle have now released a beta patch to fix this issue. It appears to have been a problem with serial numbers. Judging from the posts in the forum the patch may be a buggy but at least they have now admitted/recognised there is a problem.

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