Pinnacle problems - is Roxio better bet?

  Tobysdad2004 22:56 02 Mar 2005

Your thoughts on my dilemma would be appreciated.

Running a 12 month old machine, AMD Athlon processor, 1.9Ghz, 120gb HDD but with integrated video card. Had Studio 8 as part of a bundled package, and having used Studio DV on my old Compaq, thought I'd use it again to edit many hours of video shot over the past 10 months of our son, Toby.

Use a cheap and cheerful IEEE firewire card, and to benefit from extra features, decided to upgrade to Studio 9. Started capture, but loads of dropped frames. Viewed Pinnacle website and followed suggested process to avoid dropped frames, but problem remained. Tried Movie Maker through XP and no dropped frames - must be Pinnacle software me thinks.

Thought about installing old Pinnacle Studio DV + card on machine (as didn't have dropped frames on old Compaq and using that card) but can't as don't have XP drivers. Pinnacle website not clear about drivers needed, and with standard dial up not keen on downloading what I guess would be large file anyway. E-mail Pinnacle with specific question about drivers and get not helpful standard reply - ask again - same response.

Pinnacle then ask me their "how was the experience for you" question several days later and I tell them - a bloody disgrace!

Also have Roxio software on PC now as part of DVD rewriter recently installed. Using that to capture also avoids dropped frames - like Movie Maker, but with what seems to be better definition on final video.

My thoughts are that if Movie Maker & Roxio don't drop frames, but Pinnacle does, then it must be Pinnacle & not my system. Disappointed that Pinnacle have taken my money - £200 on DV + and Studio 9 upgrade - and doesn't work "as it says on the tin". Angry that they don't respond adequately.

Is this common, and where do you suggest I go from here? My money is on complete Roxio Video Wave package, but your thoughts would be welcome.

  PA28 23:14 02 Mar 2005

Not too sure about your theory about the software as Pinnacle are out in the front of the easy to use but effective video editors. I must admit that I don't like the amount of preview materials in their products which you have to pay more to use (a bit like a theme park where you pay to go in and then find additional charges for interesting rides) but the product itself I find works fine. Oddly I upgraded from Videowave (then MGI but taken over by Roxio) to Pinnacle 8 and then, more recently, to Pinnacle 9Plus. I use a cheap and cheerful Firewire card like yourself and don't suffer dropped frames - I do use a seperate drive for capture, however, and am using an AthlonXP 3200 with 1gb RAM. No doubt you have tried uninstalling and reinstalling - if not, then I would suggest this as your first action. Explore other hardware issues and possible software conflicts with your other authoring programs before spending good money on another package which is likely to have the same failings on your particular system.

  kinger 12:08 03 Mar 2005

I swapped from MyDVD 8.0 (had major probs with that one) to Pinnacle 9.0 and find this version perfect.

I did apply the latest patch but it then refused to load at all, so I rolled back to before I installed it and all is OK.

Have you defragmented your HDD. How much memory have you got installed?

Look for another program using the same resources as Pinnacle and remove that one.

Tech support was the same for Sonic MyDvd ... took four weeks to reply and then only with a standard reply, like re-install and try again.

I think they're all the same. So many people to deal with, they just can't take the pressure.

  Tobysdad2004 07:46 06 Mar 2005

Thanks for your thoughts.

I have 512mb RAM & Athlon XP2600. Have already spent lot of time - defragmenting etc.

Logic behind quitting now was that Roxio & Movie Maker works fine - where do you draw the line in installing & re-installing etc and simply ditch it and go for something else that does seem to work?

Guess my question really is, if the Roxio software that I've ot now works ok at the moment, will all Roxio?

  €dstowe 08:05 06 Mar 2005

You will find that all video processing works better if it has its own HDD. This way it is not hampered by anything else - like programs and an operating system - so it can get on with the job it's supposed to do.

Increasing the RAM would help as well as would shutting down all unnecessary programs and not using the machine for anything else while it is working on your video.

I was a fan of Pinnacle software at one time but I now consider it excessively resource hogging and almost painfully slow in its operations. One of the worst aspects of Pinnacle is the ease with which the visuals lose sync with the sound - made even worse when it drops frames.

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