Pinnacle Expression & Ulead Moviefactory

  [DELETED] 17:54 31 Aug 2003


I'm looking for a DVD/VCD authoring package.

I've got easy cd creator V6 and also nero 6, but they just don't seem to be that good.

So I'm now looking at pinnacle expression and Ulead moviefactory.

I've downloaded Ulead and its a damn site better than nero and roxio, but it still doesn't do everything that I was hoping for. Does the trial version have full functionallity, or is it missing things?

I'm now just downloading the trial of pinnacle expression.

Any views appreciated.

  [DELETED] 18:56 31 Aug 2003

Hi, I've got the retail version of Pinaccle expression and can't say I'm that impressed.

You can only use the transition effects on standard resolution and that does not produce very good images for TV. The images on high resolution are fine, but then you cannot have the transition effects.

Burning is easy - even though for some strange reason it defaults to Nero, but just cancel that and it goes into its own simple routine.

Pinnacles help line is pathetic in my (limited)experience I gave up trying as they did not seem to know their own system.

I've only used the photo part (not video) to date.

  [DELETED] 21:58 31 Aug 2003

tried pinnacle expression and it's no good at all.

I've come to the conclusion that I need a hybrid of roxio dvd creator 6 and ulead moviefactory.

After spending ages searching for the net, I reckon if I buy a dvd burner, then DVDLab might be the tool I'm after (it just doesn't do vcd authoring)

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