Pinnacle Editing.

  Split 14:36 10 Jun 2003

I have Pinnacle DV10 Studio 8 and so far have not been able to capture decent quality pictures. There are lines across the picture. I have updated Pinnacle, my graphics card and XP Home without improvement. Pinnacle seem incapable of dealing with this problem and most times just pig ignorant to all emails. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have an answer?

  mole44 17:10 10 Jun 2003

check all your leads are connected,is your camcorder ok,try a video from another source and you should buy very good leads,those cheapos are a waste of cash,my leads cost £24 to £30 each and i have no problems.

  Split 09:43 11 Jun 2003

Thank you Mole44 for the advice. I have already checked out all leads, have replaced the scart to phone lead twice. Have captured from both camera and VCR. Have tried other video tapes. Have updated Pinnacle Studio, Pinnacle driver, XP op system, Graphics driver and all without effect.
I assume from your comments that you have had no problems of this sort, which tends to make me think that there is fault with the Pinnacle card or the software. The trouble is ..Pinnacle seem totally incapable of dealing with the problem.

  MichelleC 12:18 11 Jun 2003

A few more things to check:

is your rendering/burning done on dedicated 2nd hd?
is DMA enabled on hd's?

are non-vital b/g progs turned off.

  Split 11:34 13 Jun 2003

Thanks to MichelleC for further advice. The problem I have is at the capture stage and not at the rendering or burning. Yes I do run the prog without others open, Not quite sure what DMA is on hd's

  MichelleC 12:36 13 Jun 2003

If you're dv editing you'll need to enable dma on hd's otherwise the pcu won't be able to cope: Device manager, /IDE ATA/ATAPI CONTROLLERS, r-click each hd, /properties/advanced settings/transfer mode, enable dma.

All non-vital b/g progs off applies to capturing as well or dropped frames will occur (thus bad quality).

If you don't have a dedicated (to dv) 2nd hd errors can also occur.

  Split 14:14 13 Jun 2003

Yup. The DMAs are enabled. Perhaps I should mention that I am capturing analog - using Pinnacle DV 10 card. Would that make any difference?

  MichelleC 14:36 13 Jun 2003

Just a bit. It means the quality is degraded as the analogue is converted into dv for the pc to see it. I don't know that card, but I know fellow dv'ers who use 'capture cards' favour the Canopus which keeps degradation to a minimum.

Is it hooked up to your firewire card?

  Split 15:42 13 Jun 2003

Firewire? I don't have Firewire- not on the pc ( I do on the Mac I have but my video editing stuff aint on that). This is my first step into Video editing so I haven't come across Canopus. Actually when one talks of degradation I wouldn't call it that. What I have is some sort of interference. Take away the lines and the picture quality isn't too bad.
Since putting this problem on the forum I have, at long last, managed to get some response from the supplier who has agreed to come and put another capture card in ( I have on site warranty, you see). I am not totally convinced that replacing the card is the answer. It is as though something needs 'tweaking' somewhere but I can't find where.
Incidently why and how would firewire help? The analog is caught via composite phono (from scart) and is then presumably 'enhanced' by the graphics card ( Sapphire Radeon 64 MG 9000) -which was the card advised by Systemax for the Pinnacle DV10.

  MichelleC 09:30 14 Jun 2003

Firewire is the best method for dv in/out. Some analogue capture cards/boxes have the option to hook up via firewire thus eliminating room for error. If you haven't got 2nd hd that's where your prob may lie.

  Split 10:03 14 Jun 2003

Actually I do have two hds. The main one (C) is 8oGb and the other (D) is 20 Gb. However, The software was automatically installed on C. I actually save to D but of course by then the capture (with lines interference) is already in. Are you suggesting that Studio 8 (The software) be reinstalled on D?

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