ping test

  sneaky4343 14:45 15 Dec 2011

when performing a ping test is it best to choose the location closer to my home to get best results?

  spuds 16:02 15 Dec 2011

A very good question, because in the main most ISP speed-tests in England go via London (Canary Wharf), Birmingham or Manchester, depending on which is the nearest point. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would most likely go via one of the main server's in that area.

What ping test are you using, is it which is highly recommended, but possibly routes via the nearest points to your location. Personally I use Jack Dinn's Auto Speed Test, which covers most exercises for speed and line tests.

  spuds 16:06 15 Dec 2011

Apology for passing on some wrong information. will go via certain areas of your choosing, depending on time of day.

  interzone55 20:49 15 Dec 2011

Closest is not necessarily best.

My closest site on is in Morecambe, but the fastest ping is normally in Manchester

  sneaky4343 15:16 17 Dec 2011

i only ask as i got around the region of 36 - 50 ping but download speeds drop from over 4 mb in the day to under 0.18 at night

  [email protected] 02:16 18 Dec 2011

Most probably that your line is over-subscribed and it's just simply everyone competing to get bandwidth. Which ISP are you with?

  sneaky4343 21:28 18 Dec 2011

we're with talktalk

  [email protected] 00:23 19 Dec 2011

TalkTalk seem to be one of the more common ISPs for having contention ratio problems - probably because their prices are so cheap! It would be worth giving them a call just to check everything is right at their end, but I suspect that you will need to change ISP to see an improvement.

  sneaky4343 10:09 19 Dec 2011

it was ok till the last month as whole street having same problem and we all with seperate providers

  interzone55 13:56 19 Dec 2011

I'm with Talk Talk, along with most of the people in our area, as Talk Talk are the only LLU provider in our exchange, but have few issues with download rates.

I'm on a steady 10.5Mbps (tested regularly) and that's even though I'm at the end of a very long phone line, about 3.5km from the exchange

  john bunyan 14:20 19 Dec 2011

I would phone them. I am on a "up to 8 Mbps" service with Pipex (Talk Talk). Iwas getting about 5 Mbps about 3 monts ago and it suddenly dropped to below 0.5. After the usual suggestions from them re test sockets etc they eventually admitted a fault at the LLU at the exchange. The service went up to about 9Mbps. There was another 1/2 day drop a couple of weeks ago but I e mailed them again and it went up to over 9 again.

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