Pic's plus

  piggy 21:49 12 Nov 2003

Has any one come across this company ? the reason I ask is that they have taken an amount from an online account of mine that is only for the use by another well known online retailer, no other company has these details. ( not even Mrs Piggy ! )
I am a little concerned that my details have been
by some means or other given to another company that I have not even placed an order with.
The on line retailer who legitimatly has these details has not responded to my email ( they only communicate by e-mail ) and they dont have a phone number either that I can find
So if you have any knowledge of Pic's plus , let me know please

  Wilham 22:57 12 Nov 2003

About six weeks ago I had a small deduction from my credit card a/c by a short name I didn't recognise, - so I contacted security. I had only seen this name on-line to my a/c, and the person aswering said the likely explanation was that a small check-payment had been taken to verify my a/c details by a mail-order firm before sending the goods. She said normally I would not see it, and it would be cancelled by a deduction from the main payment, I would not see the split sum when the credit card a/c came by post.
Indeed this is what happened, I had only been aware of this name because of my direct access to my a/c, ... I had been too vigilant.
So if your debit is quite small, things may be all OK when you get the a/c by post.

  Wilham 23:39 12 Nov 2003

Just a thought... If you read the small-print of your well-known retailer you may see info that the credit card payment to them may be taken on their behalf by a third party, and this will not affect the total amount you pay.
This may partly explain what happened.

  piggy 05:34 13 Nov 2003

thing is ,its not a "small amount " and they have always taken payment under the usual name ***'*.com .

  piggy 20:47 13 Nov 2003

Well blow me down ! a "clerical error " resulting in the wrong account ( Mine) being deducted, profuse appologies all round , refund and I'm happy with that

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