In a pickle with my mobile phone repair..pls help!

  nick_j007 15:26 01 Nov 2006

Hello all,

I need to think this through and thought you guys were pretty sensible and would offer up some wise words ;-)

I have a pda come mobile phone that has a cracked screen and was sent off to an independent repair company on the 20th October special delivery. The Post Office shows receipt on the 23rd.

I was quoted prior to my sending it £81.03 inc. vat and delivery.

I was away the week they had the phone on half term break, but I left my partners mobile number in there so they could call to confirm the price and agree start of work. They never did call whilst away.

I returned home on the 28th of October to have found no correspondence either via email, landline or partner's mobile. Humph!

So, up to today I have phoned them about three or four times and left messages on the answerphone there (not a good sign) and have sent maybe three emails (all remain unreplied to).

Today I call again and finally get through to a chap (instead of the standard answerphone) that took my details and said that they have the phone but no work has started and gave some lame excuse about being busy. I was originally told five working days turn around.

He took my details and said he would look into it for me and seemed pretty sincere. He emailed me back later on to say it would cost me £97.61 to repair.

When I tried to bring his attention to the delays, the lack of communication and then increase in cost he became pretty defensive and was about to hang up on me saying he had done all he could do. I was calm and collected and was not rude to him in any way, yet remained clear in my mind that I was reluctant to simply pay without any further reassurance of the phone work being carried out and returned to me. He gave me a personal assurance, but declined to put this in writing.
I literally had to persuade him to stay on the phone so I could sort this out. He was very much 'take it or leave it' attitude and I was at a loss of what to do.
I asked to speak to his supervisor at which point he asked me to write in to follow the complaints procedure!! After a few minutes he gave me a name of his manager. When I asked to be put through to him...guess what, he said he was out for the day.

I just don't know now.
Part of me wants the phone back, and to take it elsewhere for repair as my confidence is rather low in them now, and on the other hand if I just agree and pay and (hopefully) get it sent back it'll be done and dusted.

The communication issue with them is very hard work, and I don't feel I can reasonably complain if I want least not without writing etc.

I really need the phone for my work and to remain organised etc.

What would you do?

Thank you. Nick

  Diodorus Siculus 16:08 01 Nov 2006

I too would be in a

  Diodorus Siculus 16:10 01 Nov 2006

Whoops... sorry.

I too would be in a quandry - I'd want my phone but also would want to be sure that the work would be done.

Who is carrying out the repair? I mean, is it via the vendor or a third party?

Are there any insurance problems?

Overall in your situation I'd ask for a date when the work would be completed and tell them that you want it then.

  nick_j007 16:27 01 Nov 2006

HTC Europe who are connected with Orange I believe.
It's an Orange phone on contract.

I declined insurance at circa. £6 per month and still hope this is as well for now, and that it doesn't happen again!

Yes, ask when I can expect to receive the phone back (I can ask when replying to the email with the latest cost), once this has been agreed I can pay.

Just such a big wind up...makes me feel like driving to Milton Keynes from the Midlands!
I genuinely try my damnest for my customers, wish others would for me!

The lack of communication is the KEY annoyance.


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