Photoshop CS4

  john bunyan 14:48 16 Nov 2008

I have always kept up to date with Photoshop (currently have CS3). I probably would not buy the complete pack from scratch but the update to CS4 is about £165. What features are there that an enthusiastic amateur would use? I only want the photo bit , not the suite, and I like the current "Bridge" unit within CS3. hssutton etc - help!

  erkmatrix 15:39 16 Nov 2008

I found a really useful site that might help you decide click here . I have CS3 too and think I'm going too upgrade, mainly cause of the performance claims, works faster so they say and the new tabbed feature navigation, also like the sound of the ease to rotate the canvas.

I don't work for Adobe but have to say I do love Photoshop so much, still learning it as its huge what it can do.

  john bunyan 16:26 16 Nov 2008

Thanks - will study the link. Probably upgrade as a Christmas (Sorry FE) present to myself.

  hssutton 21:59 16 Nov 2008

Hi John, I was tempted to upgrade when it was first announced, but since the upgrade of Adobe Lightroom to v2 I find I'm using CS3 less and less. So I doubt very much that I'll be upgrading.

Must be quite honest and say I do not like "Bridge" I find it slow and clumsy when compared to Lightroom. If you've not as yet tried Lightroom I would suggest that you download the trial version, admittedly it's a little more expensive than the CS4 upgrade, but in my opinion well worth it £217 from Amazon

  john bunyan 08:44 17 Nov 2008

hssutton. Thanks; not quite sure if I need Lightroom - dont use Raw much, and actually I use Windows explorer to create my "Album" lists rather than Bridge, which I use to scan through photos . I will look up what Lightroom does.I liked the write up on the other CS4 enhancements.

  donki 13:18 17 Nov 2008

I have CS3, PE7 and LR2 and I love the features of CS3 and the way PE7 is so user friendly. If CS4 can combine features and usuability I will say it will be a success. I will stick with CS3 thou cause the upgrade isnt work the price IMO.

I have to agree with hssutton LR2 is great, why do you not shot in RAW if you dont mind me asking?

  john bunyan 17:42 17 Nov 2008

donki. I will shoot in raw with a good slr type camera when I get one ! Still use a Nikon F90 film !! Use a Lumix FX35 for digital snaps and CS3 for improving old photos (slides and positives) via flatbed scanner. Will use raw in due course!
Still not sure of Lightbox vs CS3 - thought they did different things?

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